Polish foreign Minister: we need NATO bases in the East, the Treaty with Russia is not available

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski believes that the Alliance must build a military infrastructure in the East, despite the old obligations of the Alliance to Russia. He said this in his speech at the Munich conference on security, reports «European true».

Waszczykowski noted that the Basic act on relations and cooperation between NATO and Russia, 1997, in his opinion, had lost relevance and NATO has the right not to comply with it.

«This act was approved in a fundamentally different situation, when there was no current aggressive Russia, and therefore it is no longer applicable,» he said.

According to Wasikowska, the Treaty with Russia discriminates against a number of countries-members of NATO.

«We are not asking for privileges, we ask for equal treatment to us. Now there is no equality.

The Western part of Europe is protected – the infrastructure, the presence of troops. At the same time, Central and Eastern part is much less secure… the Lack of military structure creates the vulnerability of our countries,» he said.

«It was a political and not a legally binding Declaration, she appeared in a politically crucial time, we, the new members of NATO were not even by her side. Why we must now adhere to this document?» — asked Waszczykowski.

As reported, after the meeting of foreign Ministers of the Alliance member-States in December last year the NATO Secretary General said that the Alliance will maintain an enhanced presence in the Eastern part of the Alliance. On 22 January, the NATO military Committee adopted a decision to establish international headquarters in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

The Alliance plans to deploy new bases in Eastern Europe was announced in August 2014, the then NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Polish foreign Minister: we need NATO bases in the East, the Treaty with Russia is not available 14.02.2016

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