Police in Russia detained two suspects in the organization of the «groups of death» in social networks

On Kamchatka and in Moscow Russian police detained two suspects in the creation of «groups of death» in social networks, said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf, reported on the website of the interior Ministry.

According to her, the staff of management «K» of the interior Ministry received information about living in Kamchatka Krai girl-group administrator predispose adolescents to suicide, said the press service of the interior Ministry.

Later it turned out that each of the several dozen members of the group, the administrator sent certain tasks that are dangerous for life. Unlike other similar groups in the community for the failure to comply with jobs teenagers had received threats of violence and possible murder of their relatives.

Wolf also spoke about the arrest of the organizer of the «group of death» in the suburbs, which led to the January community.

According to her, 21-year-old resident of the Moscow region up to several tens of its subscribers a variety of tasks with the aim «to have a certain psychological impact».

At the place of his residence, police seized computers, mobile phones, SIM cards, which he, according to preliminary information, used to communicate with your subscribers.

In July, district court of Tobolsk, Tyumen region of Russia was sentenced to three years and four months of a colony-settlements administrator «groups of death» in social network «Vkontakte» Philip Budykina, known under the pseudonym Philip Fox.

He was detained November 16, 2016 in the Moscow region. The court found him sane. In may 2017 administrator «groups of death» pleaded guilty.

The reason for the inspection and a criminal case was the message in may 2016 in the Russian media about closed groups predispose adolescents to suicide.

According to the investigation, from December 2013 to may 2016, the hackers created eight groups in social network «Vkontakte», which openly advocated suicide among minors.

Investigators found 15 victims in various regions of the country, has committed suicide. Suicide five children did not take place.

Psycho-linguistic examination has established that the correspondence group administrators contained «incitement to suicide, which contributed to deformation of the instinct of self-preservation.»

In March 2017, the postal and telecommunications of Ukraine has blocked more than 500 «groups of death» and more than 200 accounts of their organizers in social networks.

The police of Ukraine warned that in a number of communities in social networks children are inclined to believe that they have committed suicide and recorded the moment of death on camera in a mode online. It was noted that fans of such communities call themselves whales, because these animals are associated with freedom.

Police in Russia detained two suspects in the organization of the «groups of death» in social networks 29.08.2017

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