Police in Rio have produced a controlled explosion in the Olympic village

Brazilian engineers on Thursday, August 11, produced a controlled explosion at the entrance to one of the stadiums located in the Olympic village in Rio de Janeiro. After it was revealed that a suspicious backpack did not contain explosives, writes NEWSru.com.

The incident occurred near the stadium Carioca Arena 1 before a basketball match between the teams of Spain and Nigeria, reports TASS. Fans were evacuated because of a suspicious backpack. The sappers produced an explosion, and then examined the remnants of the bag: it turned out that inside was only clothes and a tablet. After a few minutes, the crowd returned to the room, the competition started without delay.

Since the opening of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro have been several incidents in which fans and journalists were evacuated as a precaution.

August 3, Palace of water sports was sealed due to the detection of abandoned bags. On Saturday, August 6, near the Olympic Cycling course the bomb squad made a controlled explosion of the subject similar to an explosive device.

August 7 was evacuated by the press center of the Games because of an erroneous alarm. The next day was made a controlled explosion, near the Harbor, where the tournament’s sailing.

10 Aug sappers blew up the unattended bag in the area of Copacabana.

Police in Rio have produced a controlled explosion in the Olympic village 12.08.2016

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