Police Donetsk region gathered evidence against the 52 «DNR»

The police of the Donetsk region has collected evidence of criminal activity 52 «DNR». About it reported in Department of communications of the police in Donetsk region.

«The police together with the Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region documented and proven illegal activity 52 «judges» of the fake Republic. Including 22 people who were appointed «to office» in 2016″, — stated in the message.

Noted that 45 persons of the judges had already declared wanted, soon to be joined 7, and in respect of the two materials are directed to court for decision on the correspondence condemnation. Among the supporters of the terrorists that «justice is done» and decide the fate of people in the occupied territory, — the employee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation «the head of the Tribunal DNR», known for having reduced the sentence to the driver who was killed in a traffic accident two people, from 7 to 2 years of imprisonment.

Now continues the collection of data on another 19 people, almost all vertical «judiciary», «DNR». All law enforcement officers have information about 80 employees of the Tribunal who are now working or have worked previously during the occupation.

Law enforcement officers stated that collecting information about the employees of the court who swore invaders, engaged in the office of the special police GUNP in the Donetsk region.

Police carried out a complex of investigative and operational activities, analyzed the array of information from open sources. Also assistance was given by the inhabitants of the occupied cities, which sent materials to the site «Stop terrorism», created by volunteers and police.

Each person contains about 60 letters with evidence of his guilt. Among them — eyewitness accounts, photos and videos.

The police said that the proceedings, as all processes are carried out from Russia, «Chairman of the Supreme court of the DPR» is a former senior investigator-criminalist Main Department of criminalistics of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. He is the first candidate for the in absentia conviction, in connection with the opportunity given by the current legislation of Ukraine.

«DNR military Tribunal» headed by a former judge of appellate court of Donetsk region. In the function 54-year-old woman included the adoption of the death penalty — in particular, this court decides the fate of the Ukrainian prisoners of war. «The judge» well-known fact that before the war, was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment the murderer, which the car hit and killed a man and a woman in Donetsk, while the sentence of the court of first instance was — 7 years imprisonment.

All investigative activities are conducted within the framework of criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 258-3 (Creation of terrorist group or terrorist organization) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Traitors faces up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Earlier, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine declared wanted by five «judges DNR».

Police Donetsk region gathered evidence against the 52 «DNR» 17.01.2017

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