Police arrest another suspect in the terrorist attack in Aktobe

In Aktobe region of Kazakhstan on Wednesday, June 8, during the antiterrorist operation detained another suspect in the terrorist attacks in Aktobe, told «Interfax» the press-Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Almas Sadabaev. Thus, the number of detainees on suspicion in Commission of terrorist attacks has increased to nine.

«Law enforcement and special bodies, was adopted a complex of measures on search and detention of criminals, and providing security and law and order in the city of Aktobe. Today about 6 o’clock in the morning in the village of Hebda Kobda district, Aktobe region detained one of the criminals involved in the attacks. Continues the hunt for the remaining six criminals,» said Sadabaev, quoted Zakon.kz. According to the interior Ministry, the situation in the city is stable, everything is under control.

Last Sunday, a group of extremists carried out the attack in Aktobe on two gun store and military unit. In the result, seven people were killed, 37 were injured, most of them soldiers. During the counterterrorist operation in Aktobe was killed 13 criminals.

The attack the authorities acknowledged the attack in Aktobe was declared «red» level of terrorist threat, and throughout Kazakhstan for 40 days is set a moderate «yellow» level of terrorist threat.

Earlier it was reported that responsibility for the attack took over some of the «army for the liberation of Kazakhstan». However, the Committee of national security (KNB), the country has officially stated that this information is not true. «Organization «liberation Army of Kazakhstan» does not exist», — said the press service of the KNB.

Police arrest another suspect in the terrorist attack in Aktobe 08.06.2016

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