Poland will no longer admit illegal immigrants

In Poland, according to a new law that aims to strengthen the protection of borders, illegal immigrants will not be let into the country. This was announced by the Minister of internal Affairs and administration of Poland Mariusz Blashak in the Polish radio.

«Newcomers to Poland’s decision in their cases have to wait for the created border centers. The trial is supposed to last up to 28 days. Immigrants have the right to apply to the Council for foreigners established under the new law,» he said.

As emphasized by Mariusz Blashak, this procedure corresponds to the legislation of the European Union. He added that similar measures introduced in Hungary after the migration crisis in 2015.

Now foreigners coming to the Polish border, a petition to grant them refugee status after entry into the country, without waiting for consideration in the Management of foreigners, often go to other countries in Western Europe.

Earlier, German Finance Minister Wolfgang schäuble admitted that Germany had made a number of mistakes in the migration policy, which resulted in the entry of more than two million migrants over the past two years.

We will note, on January 27 the President , Donald trump has signed a decree according to which the action program of the U.S. refugee reception is suspended for a period of 120 days.

Poland will no longer admit illegal immigrants 30.01.2017

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