Poland formally resumed its investigation into the death of Kaczynski and his passengers of Tu-154 near Smolensk

The Minister of national defence of the Republic of Poland Anthony Macierewicz Thursday, 4 February 2016, signed the documents that make possible the resumption of the investigation of the Smolensk disaster of 10 April 2010. By decision of the Minister under the Commission of the state aviation investigation of air accidents established the sub-Commission, which will conduct a new investigation of the catastrophe near Smolensk, reports «Radio Poland».

Speaking before signing the documents before the congregation, among whom were also relatives of the victims of the tragic incident, the defense Minister noted that «the scale of the Smolensk disaster was bigger than the individual, state and national tragedy».

«It was to do with the then government (the government of Donald Tusk — ed.) react to those who died. As mocked them, threw them into the most tragic moment for the Polish state, as for them not stood up, giving investigation and consequence associated with it in the wrong hands,» he said Macierewicz.

The Smolensk disaster, Polish defence Minister called «the biggest tragedy since the Second world war in the history of independent Polish state». «It should also be noted that this was the largest crash in the history of Polish aviation. For one second, then killed the representatives of all state and national elite of Poland. Killed the President of Poland, Professor Lech Kaczynski and his wife, died last President of Poland in exile. [Died] the heads of all branches of the armed forces, Ministers and dignitaries, responsible for the security of the Polish state,» he said Macierewicz.

«I am confident that the results of the investigation will help us get closer to the truth, to send the military Prosecutor’s office the materials and justly judge responsible for this terrible tragedy», — said the Minister of defence.

According to him, the renewed investigation «will help restore the honor and dignity of the Polish state, which in the most difficult moments were left without their leaders.»

«Nobody should be convinced that the Holocaust should finally be investigated. Should dispel any doubts that arose when there are still», — quotes the words WPolityce Prime Minister Beata Szydlonow with a working trip to London.

According to unofficial data, the investigation of the tragedy will be chaired by the engineer václav Barcinski, who has previously participated in the work of the parliamentary group on investigation of causes of accident led by Metservice. In 2012 and 2013 Barcinski has repeatedly stressed that the cause of the disaster of the presidential Tu-154M could be «exceptionally enormous pressure inside the cabin of the aircraft», i.e. an explosion.

In turn, the head of the Polish foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said Warsaw would try to hold Moscow talks on efforts to investigate the causes of the disaster. If no result — the Polish government will appeal to the European court of human rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg.

We will remind, the parliamentary Commission of Mazarevica worked for five years and submitted its final report on 11 April 2015. According to the joint conclusions of the Polish, European and American experts, the airliner Kaczynski was mined in three places. According to them, the explosives detonated during the wrong planting depth, deliberately arranged by Russian military dispatchers of airdrome «Northern» (Smolensk region).

The authors of the report claim that in Warsaw the agents of the Russian special services were able to bring on Board a bulk explosives under the guise of equipment for «medical office».

With reference to confidential information, received from the German intelligence service BND, then it was reported that the total weight of explosives in the cabin could reach one ton.


Polish Tu-154 crashed on 10 April 2010, during landing approach at Smolensk. All 96 people aboard were killed. Including President Kaczynski and his wife, as well as other representatives of the political and military elite of the country. They went in Katyn for participation in mourning activities.

Immediately after the tragedy appeared on YouTube a shocking video, clearly showing the silhouettes of a few get out from under the wreckage of people and heard pleas of «not to kill» in Polish and the sounds similar to shots from a handgun, which may indicate a «clean-up» the scene of the tragedy.

The relatives of the victims later appeared in the Polish media with sensational claims that after the officially declared time of the collapse of the liner to them allegedly called from the mobile phones of several passengers, and instead of dead bodies (or parts of the body) from the RF they receive the remains of strangers or goods with foreign objects.

According to the results of the investigation, Russia has entrusted the primary responsibility for the catastrophe on the Polish pilots, who were «under pressure» from his superiors and decided not to fly to a reserve airport despite the bad weather conditions.

July 29, 2012, the government of Tusk, who was a political opponent of Kaczynski, has published the final report in connection with the investigation of the crash of Tu-154 near Smolensk on 10 April 2010. The report said that one of the causes of the tragedy was that the plane was too late to go on the second circle. It is noted that the lighting at the airport in Smolensk was not satisfactory, and the Manager gave the wrong command.

The Board reviewed the organization of flight crew training, flight status and the service at the airport in Smolensk. The devices, according to research, were serviceable and worked fine.

The report States that the crew of the Tu-154 was pressured.

Not difficult to see that this government report is almost completely coincided with Russian counterpart.

The Russian side still refuses to provide Poland with the remnants of the presidential airliner.

According to the forecast of one of the most informed experts on Russia, an independent Moscow-based political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky, the resumption of the Polish side of the investigation of the Smolensk disaster will inevitably lead to the emergence of an international Tribunal under UN auspices.

He is sure that it is a «matter of honor» for a new Polish President Andrzej Duda, Sidle of the Cabinet and the ruling parliamentary majority that belong to the same party, and Lech Kaczynski («Law and justice»/a/PiS).

Poland formally resumed its investigation into the death of Kaczynski and his passengers of Tu-154 near Smolensk 04.02.2016

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