Pipe said that the state Bureau of investigation shall have the functions of operative-investigative activity

The state Bureau of investigations of Ukraine shall have the authority to conduct operational-search activities. In an interview with the magazine «Korrespondent» said the head of the RRG Roman Pipe, reported to the edition «GORDON» in his press service.

«Not yet eliminated the gaps in the legislation associated with the operational unit. You will need to amend the law on operative-investigative activities and to provide these functions of the RRT. The law on the GBR they provided, but in the law on operative-investigative activity them yet,» – said Pipe.

Commenting on the reform of law enforcement agencies, the Director of the RRT noted that the distribution function prevents concentration in the hands of a wide range of powers to investigate cases.

«In almost none of the developed countries is not such that in the structure of bodies of Prosecutor’s office were the bodies of preliminary investigation. As a rule, the Prosecutor’s office performs procedural management and support public prosecutions. But the consequence is not in its submission. Because of these considerations and proceeded legislators, when they adopted the law on RRT», – he said.

Pipe explained that the Prosecutor’s office continues to investigate criminal proceedings, which was until November 20, 2017, but the investigation should not last more than two years.

«The second part of criminal proceedings which should be recorded and investigated by the State Bureau of investigation. The Prosecutor General’s office also settled the question. These cases will be investigated Natspolitsiya or SBU, and the procedural aspects will be carried out by prosecutors. With the launch of the GBR such criminal proceedings will be conducted by investigators of the Bureau,» he said.

November 16, 2017, the competition Commission chose the Pipe by the Director of the state Bureau of investigation, Olga Varchenko – first Deputy head of the RRG, and Alexander Buryak, Deputy Director of the Bureau.

November 20, RRT was taken from the Prosecutor General functions of pre-trial investigation.

On 22 November the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the decree about appointment of the Pipe.

On November 24 the Ministry of justice sent a letter to the presidential Administration, which notes that the head of the RRG must pass the lustration test. In the presidential Administration reported that it began on November 27.

Pipe said that the state Bureau of investigation shall have the functions of operative-investigative activity 07.12.2017

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