«Pid…race approached me about using vodka, caviar and Hollywood.» Mukharsky told how he was offered to become gay

Actor and showman Antin mukharsky stated that in Edinburgh in 1996, during a tour of the theater «Golden gate» with performance «Crime and punishment» in which he played Raskolnikov promised him a career in Hollywood instead of on change of sexual orientation.

The story of this case mukharsky posted in Facebook.

«To our performances often the man under 60 years old or a little more. Be: well-preserved, well-kept… and Then he invited actress Rimma Zyubina for dinner… And then he invited me to dinner to talk. Then he said he wanted to invite me to this party», – said the showman.

According to the actor, a friend took him to «gorgeous black Bentley,» the presentation of the film with Tom cruise. Before the party, he was dressed in a black tuxedo. And the presentation was served vodka with caviar.

«During the party I saw my friend. He held me so at arm’s length, Tom cruise, next I saw the girl of his dreams Juliette Lewis. Now she was gone. Has your group country. And then she starred in the iconic Oliver stone film «natural Born killers» and «From dusk till dawn» Tarantino», – he said.

Mukharsky said that he told Lewis how much he loves her and how she is a great actress.

«I can understand. I’m 28 years old, I’m in full bloom with beautiful long hair, in a tuxedo in the penthouse with vodka and caviar. And my friend takes me to the terrace, we sit in the lounge chairs… And he puts my leg on his knee and says: «Anton, I just show you this world. I show you this world, you must think about who rules this world. This world is ruled by people who belong to the clan elite. These are the people whom I know personally,» gave the artist the content of the conversation.

He noted that a friend gave him the names of current Hollywood producers and promised to «give this world» if mukharsky «make your choice».

The actor added that he gave it a day thinking and promised, if mukharsky accepts his offer, to take him to the theatre, to help learn the language and make a career in Hollywood.

«At first I did not understand, about what speech. And then I realized: pid…race approached me slowly through the vodka, caviar and chat with Lewis. And I felt so scared that I was drunk», – he said.

The actor said that the friend gave him the card and opened the limo so he could get home. And he’s on the way back picked up from the bar of a limousine the bottle of whiskey.

«I come in the apartment where we lived with our actors… And such a meadow, pate, bacon, black bread, broth with «Mivina». And here I come with a bottle of whiskey and a tuxedo. And say, «Guys, come on thump, because it seems to me that I had just stuck pid…race and I got a terrible cultural shock». Well, because in Hollywood I’m not shooting, you can infer which way I stood up» – he concluded.


«Pid…race approached me about using vodka, caviar and Hollywood.» Mukharsky told how he was offered to become gay 16.12.2017

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