Petrenko presented the framework for the return of «money of Yanukovych»

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine together with the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko has developed a bill that allows the attorney General to return funds stolen by the previous government. This was stated by the Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko during a press conference in the Cabinet of Ministers, reports UKRINFORM.

Petrenko hinted brakes return funds stolen by Yanukovych

«Today, we present another mechanism, which will enable the attorney General and the prosecutors who will investigate these cases, to recover the funds stolen from the Ukrainian people. In particular, it allows the law enforcement officers in a legal way to conduct the procedure for the civil forfeiture of the stolen money,» — said Petrenko.

He explained that, in the case of the adoption of this bill, the attorney General has the right to address in court with the requirement to prove the origin of funds of a person, for example, registered an offshore company. «If these people can’t prove how an offshore company appeared 100 million dollars, for example, a Ukrainian court using such a tool withdraws the funds received as unreasonable. Often such funds are registered to drivers, guards, etc.», — the Minister added.

So, according to him, this bill is one of the very important initiatives of the Ukrainian authorities to complete the process of returning funds stolen by the previous government. He assured that the bill meets all European standards.

«It will also be a prevention for any of the government officials and corrupt officials, who will try to hide the budget through shady schemes, because it is through such mechanisms of the Ukrainian law enforcement system and updated the Ukrainian judicial system will be able to return these funds to the state budget», — said Petrenko.

In turn, Anton Gerashchenko noted that for the first time such legislation came from Italy in the 70-ies, when there was a struggle with the mafia. After Italy, such legislation was enacted more than 30 countries around the world.

«In Italy have developed such legislation, when it is impossible to attract a person to criminal prosecution and confiscation of funds as a result of criminal prosecution, it is possible through the appeal to the court of the public Prosecutor to demand from the person who has the account for several million dollars, to provide an explanation, where did the money to prove their origin,» summed up Gerashchenko.

Petrenko hinted brakes return funds stolen by Yanukovych

Because of the inaction of the GPU for two years in the investigation of some criminal cases concerning Yanukovych and his entourage, them the stolen funds are still not in the state budget. This was stated by the Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko.

«Only in Ukraine the Ukrainian government 1.5 years ago were blocked 1.5 billion dollars. These are funds that can be spent on the defense of the country, to support our army, on the increase of social standards for pensioners and the poor. And, in fact, because of inactivity in the investigation, these funds still are not in the budget», — said Petrenko.

Petrenko reminded that within two years, the procuratorial organs are investigating the number of criminal cases concerning Yanukovych and his entourage. According to the estimates of international public organizations, from the Ukrainian budget were derived through international schemes more than 20 billion dollars. The «hole» in the budget for 2014 was about 300 billion USD.

«These are funds that were in fact stolen by the previous government. During these years, the Ministry of justice together with our colleagues — deputies have established a number of mechanisms for investigation cases. This correspondence criminal proceedings, this specefication. But, unfortunately, the Prosecutor’s office, kotaraja was updated through appropriate reform, these cases have not yet brought to an end,» he said.

At the same time, the Minister expressed hope that the new attorney General did bring these things to the end, and assured that the Ministry of justice is an absolute ally of the GPU.

«Today, when we have a new attorney General, I optimistically attitude to the fact that things that are fundamental for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people — and this question of the condemnation of Yanukovych and his entourage, as well as the return of billions of funds that were stolen from ordinary Ukrainians, will be completed and brought to an end … We do not have the functions of investigation, but all the efforts and professional abilities will make in order to help management implement the General Prosecutor’s office of legislative initiative and to return to the Ukrainian budget to start $ 1.5 billion, which is in Ukraine. And then through the decisions of Ukrainian courts, which will be legalized in other countries where the blocked assets, and other assets that were stolen by Yanukovych’s entourage,» — said Petrenko.

Petrenko presented the framework for the return of «money of Yanukovych» 18.05.2016

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