Petrenko is sure that Russia will be be held criminally responsible for the war in Ukraine

Ukraine conducts decisive steps to attract Russia toward legal responsibility for its aggression against Ukraine, so Russia itself and Russian officials responsible for such actions, will suffer not only monetary, but also criminal liability. This statement was made by Minister of justice of Ukraine Petro Petrenko during a public «report» of the government in the broadcast channel «1+1».

«Russia and the Russian officials who unleashed the war in Ukraine will be held accountable — not only money, but also criminal. Anyway the people who started the war, who actually committed the mass murders in Europe, they will incur criminal responsibility», — said the Minister.

He noted that the war with Russia is not only war at the front, but this legal war. Ukraine for the first time in the history of international justice has initiated a number of claims for which there was no practice of review in international courts.

«This European court of human rights, which is now considering three major cases of Ukraine against Russia. This appeal and international arbitrations, which went to our state companies, public banks and private companies in order to compensate for the losses associated with the occupation of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk. This is a big claim, which is now prepared and will be submitted to the international court of justice,» said Petrenko.

The Minister stressed that Ukraine is aware that Russia will seek to provide legal resistance.

«Russia will be the most procedural to defend, because it has no arguments that they are right. By all the laws of justice, international law and all human laws we are right, because this is our territory, this is our land, they took her and they are the aggressors and barbarians, which are actually in the 21st century in Europe did what was in the 20th century during the Second World war», — said Petrenko.

He also reported on the efforts of the Ministry of justice to help Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression, to bring individual actions against Russia in international courts. To this end, the Ministry uses the centers of free legal assistance that have been deployed across the country and employing about 5 thousand lawyers.

«We help our displaced persons from Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk to submit individual complaints against Russia. These cases are faster than the interstate, and about 800 such complaints have been filed with the European court of human rights. This figure is growing every day.

Petrenko also expressed the belief that the crimes related to the plane crash MN-17 will carry a «first person» of Russia.

«(The Tribunal – ed.) the Hague – the questions correct. MH-17 airplane crash. Several countries have already announced the creation of the international Tribunal. The investigation is now over and the Tribunal will announce the names of guilty parties in this disaster, and it will be the first persons of the Russian Federation,» the official said.

Earlier, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk instructed to attract the best lawyers to file the maximum number of claims to Russia.

Petrenko is sure that Russia will be be held criminally responsible for the war in Ukraine 12.02.2016

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