Petrenko: In the NACP tried very hard to find irregularities in my Declaration. They managed to find only technical flaws

Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko said that he was «frankly surprised» when the media learned that the staff of the National Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP) has identified irregularities in his Declaration for 2015, «and even for three points.» About this he wrote in Facebook.

«We are talking about two objects of real estate – in one of them I was, and the second rented the apartment in which I live in Kiev. Another object – a car, which I also rented. According to representatives of the NACP, I had to specify the date of receipt of my claim on the property, not the date of acquisition of ownership of these facilities by their owners. The most interesting – all this information is specified», – he said.

The Minister stressed that he sees no point in holding legal literacy classes in their Declaration for the leaders of the NACP.

«I have no doubt that in the NACP tried hard to find any irregularities in my Declaration, we spent as much as five months and a lot of budget funds. To find they managed only technical flaws that have no relation to corruption. Moreover, the big question is, is it’s flaws or clumsy form of a Declaration, which is uncomfortable and confusing for fillers,» said he.

According to Petrenko, the Agency wanted «for show» to write something about the Minister, who rightly criticized the poor performance of the NACP.

«Many times I was tested when I was in opposition to the regime of Viktor Yanukovych and after the revolution. I believe that the transparency of income and property status of any politician and civil servant is a position of principle for the development of the state and the fight against corruption, which is why I was among the authors of the main stories of anti-corruption legislation. The main thing is to have the new bodies operated effectively and impartially, and did not find minor contradictions in the law instead of performing its core work,» he said.

The Minister added that if this is so important for the NACP, it is ready to submit within the prescribed Agency time Declaration with the corrected information.

«At the same time I should note that the absence of official explanations NACP on these issues will lead to «violations» many other declarants, because NACP did not eliminate this shortage,» – he concluded.

Petrenko: In the NACP tried very hard to find irregularities in my Declaration. They managed to find only technical flaws 14.07.2017

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