«People’s front» is trading with Bank for Smoliy media

In exchange for support of the candidacy of the first Deputy head of the NBU Yakov Smoliy for the position of head of the National Bank of Ukraine faction «national front» (NF) wants to spend his candidacy for the post of the first Deputy head of the NBU. About it writes Insider with reference to its sources.

The interlocutor of the edition reported that the last auction on this occasion was to be held on December 19 at a strategy meeting in the presidential Administration.

According to sources, «Ukrainian news», the faction of the NF wants to obtain the positions of two Deputy Chairman of the NBU.

In particular, the «popular front» will support the candidacy of Smoliy, if the appointees of the party will take up the post of the first Deputy head of the national Bank and Deputy head of the NBU is responsible for monetary policy (now this post is Oleg Churiy).

The people’s Deputy from BPP Alexey Goncharenko said that the Verkhovna Rada may consider the appointment of a new head of the NBU on December 21.

Later this is with reference to a source in the profile Committee of Parliament reported the Internet-the edition «Ukrainian truth».

«The names yet, but Thursday will likely be considered a question of the Chairman of the NBU,» – said the source.

10 April 2017 the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva has officially declared the resignation on may 10. At the moment it is in holiday. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko still has not signed her statement.

The Agency «Ukrainian news» wrote in September that the President intends to offer the Verkhovna Rada to appoint the Chairman of the Board of the national Bank Smoliy. He on 11 may, the acting head of the NBU. It was noted that the second candidate – the Chairman of the Board «Raiffeisen Bank Aval» Vladimir Lavrenchuk – not gaining votes in Parliament.

In December Smoliy said that the President did not offer him the head of the NBU.

«People’s front» is trading with Bank for Smoliy media 20.12.2017

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