People’s artist of Russia, artistic Director of Homesteader Nazarov asked Ukrainian citizenship

64-year-old people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Nazarov submitted the documents for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. Three months ago, he moved from Moscow to Kiev.

«To move to Ukraine we decided even after the occupation of Crimea. Understand to work in Russia, it is necessary to bow at the feet of the Tsar and lick him all the causal space. In principle, do not», — quotes its words

«At my age it’s difficult to leave everything and to move to a new place. During these years, from time to time visited in Ukraine. When found here the opportunity to work, moved to Kiev», — he added.

Now Nazarov Opera puts «there once was a dog» in the capital’s Opera and ballet Theatre for children and youth. Also recruited a group of students of the Kiev Institute of music named by Glier. Together with them, planning to create theatre of the national art world.

In the Russian capital he was the artistic Director of the State musical theatre of national art. 2014 it was closed.

«Our theatre has become one of the five largest theaters in Russia. But after the occupation of the Crimea, when I started to criticize the actions of Putin, it is destroyed. This decision was a political one, because so ordered by Putin,» said Nazarov.

«Keep getting SMS threats. Recently sent the following: «Listen you, you little bastard, Schuster. You need Nemtsov sentence. Actorish, you will die when?» He added.

It should be noted that Nazarov was born and childhood spent in the city of Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region.

Recall that in 2016 the Ukrainian citizenship was the famous Russian journalist, TV and radio presenter, Director Matthew Ganapolsky. Until 1986, he also lived and worked in Ukraine (in particular, during the 1981-86 years in one of the Kyiv theatres).


According to media reports, in 2015 migration service of Ukraine refused the status of political refugee Russians from 75 to 86 applicants.

According to the observations of Russian historian and public figure, Kuban ex-Vice-Governor Mikhail Savva, who, because of persecution on political grounds also moved to permanent residence in Ukraine, refugee status is easier to obtain in Kiev or Lviv, and Kharkiv and Mykolaiv, on the contrary, more difficult.

People’s artist of Russia, artistic Director of Homesteader Nazarov asked Ukrainian citizenship 10.12.2016

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