Pentagon: ISIS is planning terrorist attacks in the U.S. and Europe

«Islamic state» will try in 2016 to conduct terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe. This was stated by Director of intelligence service of the U.S. Department of defense Vincent Stewart, speaking in the Senate, reports CNN.

ISIS threatens attack on demonstrations of frantsuzkogo «natsfronta» media

During the Senate hearings, the Director of National intelligence James Clapper noted that terrorists operate in some 40 countries. He warned that the militants «Islamic state» will seek to penetrate to other countries as refugees, reports «Ukrainian Truth».

According to him, specialists of the Islamic state «is quite adept in making fake passports, allowing the alleged legally travel the world». The militants captured Syrian equipment that allows to produce passports.

According to the information of National intelligence, in 2015 in the U.S. were arrested nearly 50 people associated with ISIL. According to the assessment, which led Clapper, 2012 in Syria has penetrated more than 38 thousand 200 foreign fighters from more than a hundred countries. Of these, 6 thousand 900 people from Western countries.

ISIS threatens attack on demonstrations of frantsuzkogo «natsfronta» media

Terrorist organization «Islamic state» has declared war on the far-right French party «national front», calling it «a Prime target» for attacks in France. This writes the Daily Mail with reference to the threat of ISIL, noted in the latest issue of the French magazine propaganda of the Islamist Dar al-Islam.

In the magazine contains picture demonstrating the «National front», and the party and its supporters called the «main purpose» of the attacks.

«The question is not whether in France, new attacks, and the question is what they will be and when they will occur», — is told in the magazine.

In November 2015, after a series of attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of 130 people, the leader of the party «national front» marine Le Pen stated that «radical Islamism must be destroyed, radical mosques should be closed», and the terrorists should be deprived of French nationality.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that marine Le Pen has officially announced his intention to run for the presidential elections in 2017.

Pentagon: ISIS is planning terrorist attacks in the U.S. and Europe 10.02.2016

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