Pavlensky the artist left Russia because of allegations of sexual abuse

Artist Peter Pavlensky left Russia together with his family and going to seek refuge in France. About it the organizer of the shocking stock with arson of the doors of the FSB at the Lubyanka and nailing testicles to the cobblestones of red square, told Ukrainian TV channel «Gromadsky» and TV channel «Rain».

The cause of emigration were accusations under article «Violent actions of sexual character» (132 of the criminal code) to address one of the most influential artists of Russia and his wife Oksana Shalygina. According to Pavlensky, a statement the police wrote to the actress «Театра.Doc» Anastasia Slonim (according to another version, Anastasia Slonina). A criminal case has not yet been started, is a preliminary examination, said «Rain» the lawyer Pavlenkova Olga Dinze. According to Pavlensky, the couple realized the seriousness of the situation after they were detained by masked men at Sheremetyevo airport.

«We were returning from Warsaw. That written statement and what we wanted, we were warned five days before the return. Using the same actress, through our common friend. We this warning was ignored. So when we arrived back at the airport we were greeted to doubt the seriousness arose. After that we showed that we have only two options: or in a restricted camp, or outside the borders of the Russian passport control», — said the emigre Ukrainian television.

He said that the incident at the airport occurred on December 14, 2016. Law enforcement officers took him and Shalygino for questioning.

«After seven hours spent in the Investigative Committee,» the detainees are suddenly released, Pavlensky said «Rain». He said that after that they, along with two children left by car to Ukraine through Belarus, and from there flew to France.

Pavlensky said that is really familiar with the applicant. According to him, this person was «chosen» to his family since September. As she was an actress of one of the opposition theaters, that suspicion is not aroused.

«She was looking for communication, support and relationships. We were open to people and gave her the opportunity to connect with us,» said actionist, without going into details.

In an interview with «Rain» Pavlensky said that Slanina was at his house the evening of 4 December. What happened then, he said, but after that, the actress wrote a statement.

The artist noted that he Shalygina «open relationship», but it is assured that the charges actress Slaninou the violence is completely unfounded: «the Actress proved to be a Snitch, and the evening spent with us turned into a statement about the violent acts of a sexual nature committed by a group of persons, that is me and my very close friend Oksana. Not to feed someone’s fantasy, it must be said that no violence was not.»

Note that in the list of the troupe «Театра.Doc» the actress with the last name «Slonim» is missing. In the message channel this name was later changed to «Slanina». The actress with that name last summer, he participated in the production of «Implicit influence», according to the message published on the website of the theatre. This show is a project Director-Commissioner Vsevolod Lisovsky. The premiere took place on 26 June 2016.

A photo of the actress were published in «Novaya Gazeta», they can also be found in social networks.

One of the statements cited by Slaninou Radio Liberty: «I think just freedom in our beautiful country is always punished, for centuries, and it’s just a proof that «Театр.doc» — an honest place. And honesty in our country… well, you can’t be honest.»

In open online databases of actors is a kind of Anastasia D. Slonina born in 1993, graduated from GITIS and passed an intensive course at the Institute Lee Strasberg. In the «experience» set the Theater «School of modern play».

Producer «Театра.doc» Vsevolod Lisovsky told «Novaya Gazeta» that in respect of Pavlenkova and his colleague being tested under two articles of the criminal code. One of the episodes is associated with the claims Slaninou, and the second, according to him, applies to the case of an attack on another actor of the same theater, which for some time met with Slaninou.

The actor, according to Lisowski, Pavlensky with his wife and a group of friends beat.

«He (the actor) met with our actress (Slonina). The actor thought that Pavlensky and his companion have her attentions. He wanted to know why. In the course of correspondence, absolutely gopnicheskaya, they Pavlensky agreed to meet. A car drove up, got out and began beating the actor. We have a record from the cameras. The video shows him knocked to the ground and kicked,» — said Lisowski.

According to him, after parting with Slaninou the well-worn actor and Shalygina Pavlensky called the actress and «invited guests».

«She went on. Was attempted rape, she was stabbed, not dangerous to life (hands). She came out almost naked, with the cut-up fingers. This story happened in December,» — said the producer.


Russian Petr Pavlensky is one of the most controversial and prominent artists-actionists of our time. Art critics declared him the most important artist of the last year. In 2012, in protest against the sentence to participants of group Pussy Riot, coarse thread sewed his mouth in front of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. In 2013, the naked man was lying in a cocoon of barbed wire in front of the building of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, in 2013, he nailed his own scrotum to a nail on the cobblestones of red square in Moscow, symbolically sbraga political apathy of Russian society.

In 2014 the artist sitting on the fence of the Scientific center for social and forensic psychiatry im. Serbian in Moscow, cut himself with a knife the earlobe in protest against the revival of punitive psychiatry in Russia. In 2015 he set fire to the entrance of the main building of FSB on Lubyanka square in Moscow, for which he received a prison sentence.

Pavlensky the artist left Russia because of allegations of sexual abuse 16.01.2017

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