«Paul can’t fight back. But I will not give offense». Alena Pritula accused of lying to the author about Sheremet

Co-founder of the edition «Ukrainian truth», the civil wife of the murdered journalist Pavel Sheremet, Olena Prytula was accused of lying journalist Andrei Lavrik is the author of the article about the victim, which was published on the portal «Textile» on July 21.

The journalist posted a link to the material on his page on Facebook, which he accompanied with the caption: «I’m Sorry, but don’t piss in sneakers I couldn’t».

Pritula in the blog on «Ukrainian truth» wrote that he wept while reading an article by Lavric.

«There is a rule – if you don’t respond to lies in Google about you’ll find in the end just a lie. Paul can’t fight back. But I will not give offense», she said.

Pritula said that the material is full of factual errors.

«You will agree that it could be worse, when the author draws the ears are some facts to confirm his version, and does not notice/ignores/does not know other facts that easily disprove his words? Or uses the article as the basic information of Wikipedia?» – she added.

According to Prytula, two points from the article Lavrik are false, one true only half.

In particular, the journalist claims that the conflict with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Sheremet came when he started working for Russian state media.

«Back in 1994, Paul became the leading most on the time interesting (and this is not my assessment – ask living witnesses) of the analytical program «Prospect». The program was broadcast on a private channel and was very critical of the authorities, so it is quite quickly shut down. For this program, Paul was awarded the prize named Ales Adamovich as the best Belarusian journalist. Paul became the youngest editor-in-chief of the newspaper business in Belarus, which also soon closed Lukashenka. That is, as an acute critic of Lukashenko Sheremet was formed before they started to work on ORT (now First channel. – «GORDON»), «–wrote in response Pritula.

She added that lie is the assertion Lavrik, Sheremet knew the circumstances of the death of his subordinate staff of the operator of Bureau of ORT in Belarus Dmitry Zavadsky, who was killed in 2000, but did not share the details with the investigation.

«Sheremet has never denied his connection to the fate of the journalist (I mean that Paul believed that the death of a comrade connected with him, he knew her reason)», – the journalist wrote.

«Neither with me, nor with family, or with colleagues Paul never said anything about how he was killed by his friend. This assumption, as follows from the text that the author took from Wikipedia. I respect enormously the collective work of the founders of Wikipedia, but, sorry, there’s even incorrectly stated the date of birth of Paul! And references to «sources» confirming this nonsense, don’t work,» – said Pritula.

The material Lavrik wrote that in Ukraine «tend to believe that Sheremet finally left Russian journalism in 2012, when he began to write regularly to the «Ukrainian truth», and later became Executive Director of this edition».

«However, this is not true. From September 2013 to July 2014, he led the transfer of «Public television of Russia» TV channel, created at the initiative and with funds of the government of the Russian Federation», – he noted.

Pritula said that this is true, but recalled that in 2012-2013 Sheremet worked on the Ukrainian TV channel TBI.

«It first got fired, on the first day of raider attacks with the participation Knyazhytskyy (founder of TVI, its former CEO, the people’s Deputy from «popular front» Nicholas knyazhytsky. – «GORDON»). And then left all the decent journalists,» she said.

The civil wife of the deceased said that the program «Right?Yes!» which Sheremet led on ORT, was «single at the time on Russian television transmission, where it was possible to hear the opposition.»

«There Paul talked about the Maidan – he came to Moscow in his yellow jacket, smelling of smoke, and it was impossible not to believe him when he told about the events of that winter. And Yes! That’s why he got fired», – she wrote.

Pritula said that the then chief editor of the channel Anatoly Lysenko called the former press Secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin Alexey Gromov and was told to fire Sheremet.

«There just knew that no recommendations to mitigate the program Paul will not work. Immediately fire was uncomfortable, so he first shyly proposed a two-month vacation, in the hope that the Kremlin’s request will be forgotten. Forgot. Pasha had to resign,» she said.

Co-founder of «Ukrainian truth» said that Sheremet was different, «we don’t all have to love him, but he was honest with people.»

«What all this text? That the murder of the journalist, who has long worked in other countries needs a thorough investigation? Like, not scary, what killed him? I’m scared. And you, Lavrik?» summed up Pritula.

Sheremet died July 20, 2016 in Kiev as a result of explosion of the car, which belonged to the co-founder of «Ukrainian truth» and his civil wife Alena Pritula.

The consequence considers five versions of motives of murder: professional work, murder by mistake (instead Prytula), critical publications in the edition «Ukrainian truth» and appearances on «Radio Vesti», the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, as well as conflict relating to privacy Sheremet.

In June 2017 the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on freedom of speech and information policy Victoria syumar reported that in the pre-trial investigation in the case of Sheremet interviewed more than 3,000 people, including eyewitnesses of the explosion, and seized video from surveillance cameras.

The Committee to protect journalists said they would initiate an international investigation of the murder Sheremet.

On 20 July, the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko said that in a murder case Sheremet still no suspects.

«Paul can’t fight back. But I will not give offense». Alena Pritula accused of lying to the author about Sheremet 25.07.2017

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