Patient Cliche will be transported to Chelyabinsk.

Ukrainian political prisoner stanisław Cliche taken from Grozny, Chelyabinsk, location Mykola Karpiuk as yet unknown. About this in Facebook wrote the people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk</b>.

«Only that I became aware that the patient of a political prisoner of the Kremlin Stanislav Klikh now waiting for a transfer from Grozny to Chelyabinsk, where innocent Ukrainians must serve 20 years to life in prison,» wrote the MP.

He also noted that the political prisoner Mykola Karpyuk, who was transferred from the terrible to Vladimir to serve his 22-year sentence a month ago, still not arrived to the destination, his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Mosiychuk appealed to the President Petro Poroshenko with the requirement «to take urgent steps for immediate exchange of sick prisoners of Cliche and Karpyuk, already almost three years tortured Kremlin freaks».

Earlier the lawyer Dokka At reported that the mental condition of Cliche in the Chechen prison worsens.

Patient Cliche will be transported to Chelyabinsk. 10.01.2017

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