Pashinsky told how after the flight of Yanukovych was looking for the «Needle» to protect the Cabinet and AP

The head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence Sergey Pashinsky said that after the change of power as a result of Maidan was afraid of attacks on the authorities.

«Perhaps it is the Russian security services threw,» he said at the Committee meeting, presenting the transcript of the Council meeting of February 28, 2014, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«Remember when I stormed Parliament and tried to burn it down? On the same day that you understand, we are all channels of our intelligence services went in the center of Kiev prepares helicopter landing. So, to make it more fun,» said Pashinsky.

«We called… And we have all of the units that held the weapon in his hands, one of them was HUGO, all. Then no one else had,» he said.

Valery geletey then barricaded himself in his office. «He’s troops waited in all seriousness. This is serious information», — said Pashinsky.

«We said, what the roof. In Parliament they sit so there’s the dome, he would have failed. We blocked – then even that wasn’t… armored personnel carriers were driven into the shelter. But that you understand, looking for the «Needle» (portable anti-aircraft missile complex), at least in the center of Kiev the roof of the Cabinet and the roof of the presidential Administration to consolidate at least some means of air defense,» — said Pashinsky.

«Such was the situation,» he concluded, to explain the emotional stress in February-March 2014.

Pashinsky sure that «We resist only because the people of Ukraine stood up as one, against the aggression of Putin«.

«It was all painted without a hitch. Crimea is the first, second, – («Russian») spring, third – Crimea ten areas (to distribute), and then somewhere near Kiev they would talk to us, whom we see ourselves, the Governor of Putin’s Russia,» he said.

«We got in the Crimea and Chernihiv intentions. For you to understand the motives of many people who said certain things in the Crimea were of the action, and in Chernihiv on all channels were the intention,» — said Pashinsky.

As reported, today, February 22, the national security Council and defense of Ukraine has declassified the transcript of the first meeting, held on 28 February after the annexation of Crimea.

Pashinsky told how after the flight of Yanukovych was looking for the «Needle» to protect the Cabinet and AP 22.02.2016

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