Pashinsky and shot them the man gave the details of the shooting incident

Vyacheslav Himikus, who on the eve of the New year the people’s Deputy Sergey Pashinsky, was shot in the leg, claims that the politician violated the rules of handling weapons, and the bullet accidentally hit in the leg and not the torso.

Pashinskiy: I used the weapon after being struck by a bottle

The man said that the MP has not carried out warning shots and aiming in the chest, reports TSN.

He noted that happened to be near the car that blocked the path of people’s Deputy in the woods, but admitted that was «a little drunk». According to him, he stayed near the «bus» because the driver asked him to help push a stalled car.

«Stops «Mercedes», down the window: you freaks, though, the lamp is turned on, what is it? Say hear if there are men — let them out and talk. And push. Is this with a gun to stand, lie down, in my hand the bottle was — I immediately drew. I’ve seen it in the East of the geese … That’s all», — told the victim.

He insists that the Deputy first got the gun when he threatened no one and did not come close to him. According to him, the Deputy was aiming at his chest, but the blow with the bottle and missed.

The man said that his wife heard of the incident on the telephone, so very quickly arrived on the scene in his car and threatened Pashinsky its a pneumatic gun.

As reported in the Kiev region, an incident occurred between the Deputy Pashinsky (the faction «people’s front») and a resident of the Vasylkiv district in which the availability and use firearms.

Pashinskiy: I used the weapon after being struck by a bottle

The people’s Deputy from «popular front» Sergei Pashinsky a day after the attack told the details of the shooting incident on his page in Facebook.

Pashinsky said that was unguarded.

«Spontaneously decided to go to the cinema «butterfly Country.» Since it was a Saturday, before the New Year, I let go of the driver and the guard. Wife was herself behind the wheel. After the end of the session, about 17:15 we entered the highway Kyiv – Odessa in a twist on his village Khlepcha,» — said Pashinsky.

He said that they were driving with dipped beam. His wife was forced to brake sharply in front of a large car without the included dimensions, on a dark stretch of road. The MP also stressed that his weapons are allowed and registered, the right to carry and use in the cases prescribed by law.

«I used this weapon only after hitting a glass bottle on the head, what there is evidence from independent witnesses. The testimony of witnesses and the examination of the scene confirms that I made a precautionary shot up, and the second, after hitting me with a bottle made up forward. The gun is now taken on the corresponding examination,» — said the Deputy.

Pashinsky noted that he was examined by the doctors, was given first aid. Alcohol test showed that the MP did not use alcoholic beverages.

«He personally rendered first aid to the wounded assailant, dragging his wounded leg with his belt. All evening yesterday, my family and I helped him get proper medical care,» — said the MP.

He also said he was willing to work with the investigation.

Pashinsky and shot them the man gave the details of the shooting incident 02.01.2017

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