Paruby for 2017 received income and gifts in the amount of 733 thousand UAH – Declaration

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy has received 733 thousand UAH of revenues for 2017. This is evidenced by the electronic Declaration of the speaker placed in the Unified state register.

These revenues 288 721 UAH – a salary at the main place of work, and 443 771 UAH – gifts in kind.

In addition, 47 670 UAH in 2017, has earned Parubiy spouse of Lviv national University named after Ivan Franko.

Also in the Declaration of the speaker has information about the apartment with an area of 92,1 m2 in Lviv worth UAH 739 585, the ownership of which Parubiy received in December 2017.

As before, Parubiy declared that the right to use the apartment of 42 m2 in Lviv, as well as the right of ownership of the wife to the apartment of 22 m2 in the same city, a house of 32 m2 and a plot of land in Urich of Skole district, Lviv region. The couple have two cars.

According to the Declaration, the speaker keeps cash 340 thousand UAH, and almost $31 thousand

On his page in Facebook Parubiy has published clarifications to the Declaration.

«In my Declaration stated that on December 15 2017 I acquired the right of ownership of the apartment in Lviv with the area of 92,1 m2. To be clear: this is not a newly acquired apartment, and one in which for many years lived together with his family,» – wrote paruby.

According to him, after his marriage he lived with his family and father in an apartment in Lviv, where the attic was converted into a separate loft.

«In fact, the parent apartment and a converted attic above it was separate premises, but the documents were listed as one property. All this room was decorated for my dad and my brother. Always not enough time to document the arrange property. But last year, after information from my Declaration correctly interpreted, decided to restore order in the documents. Therefore, together with the family decided to make each apartment as an individual, and accordingly, I re-registered their ownership of an apartment. This happened by way of gift from my relatives, as indicated in my Declaration,» – wrote paruby.

He added that declared that the hotel room in which lives in Kiev, and the property which belongs to the wife.

Paruby for 2017 received income and gifts in the amount of 733 thousand UAH – Declaration 31.03.2018

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