Parkhomenko about the verdict Ulyukayev: Bureaucratic Corporation expects just paralysis

The sentence to former Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev will result in conflict «between gangs and the state apparatus». This opinion was expressed by Russian journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, the radio station «Echo of Moscow».

«It is extremely important to understand how it will be perceived this message is not just the population of the Russian Federation, and the bureaucratic class, bureaucratic Corporation. I think now she’s even more demoralized than those who are called liberals» – he said.

The journalist noted that officials are not accustomed to such treatment.

«It is important to understand the extent to which bureaucratic Corporation expects just paralysis. Because, no matter how regulated the state machine, no matter how they were totalitarian, as if the vertical wasn’t a vertical – any official is always, and that’s fine, as a choice. It is required some will. Any official can do something or not to do anything,» he said.

According to Parkhomenko, officials received a signal from the government that they cannot take on any responsibility, so they will try to transfer decision-making «to someone on the floor below».

«The decision can’t be accepted by anyone. Or it may not be never made at all. It will be accepted. Liability will be lowered down somewhere. And it is clear that this standing wave, which is now gradually rises in the Russian administrative machine – the consequences of it, we are still unclear. We still don’t quite understand what it all portends, and the extent to which this paralysis of the will, paralysis liability, triggered by the repression that occurred before our eyes, will affect the Russian state machine», – he warned.

The journalist noted that the bureaucratic class in Russia has appeared under double pressure, one hand pushing the sentence in the case of the speaker, and with another – a rising tide of personal sanctions from the West.

«In General, it can be quite a big story. And all of one eye today Ulyukaev, roughly speaking, and the other eye on Senator Suleiman Kerimov and his further adventures in France,» he concluded.

15 Nov 2016 Sledkom the Russian Federation announced the arrest of the speaker. According to Russian investigators, the official received from Igor Sechin $2 million for the provision of a positive assessment, which allowed Rosneft to buy the state package of shares of «Bashneft».

The speaker refused to accept the blame. During the trial, he said it was a provocation of a bribe from the FSB. According to the former Minister, Sechin shortly before the meeting promised to treat him to a delicious wine.

The last word the speaker said that the guilty only in the fact that «often compromises, career and well-being put above principles, a hypocrite». He added that, when he was in trouble began to realize how hard people live in Russia, and with what injustice they face. «The rest of my life I devote to defending the rights of the people. Forgive me, people,» he concluded.

The prosecution asked for the speaker’s 10 years of strict regime colony. The Russian Prosecutor’s office believes that the actions by the former Minister «has undermined the authority of the government and its credibility».

16 December, the court sentenced the speaker to eight years in a strict regime colony. He will have to spend in prison for seven years, as one year spent under house arrest while the case was considered.

The former Minister was taken into custody in the courtroom. He told reporters that he considers the verdict unfair.

Parkhomenko about the verdict Ulyukayev: Bureaucratic Corporation expects just paralysis 17.12.2017

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