Parkhomenko about the fee in the Bank: It is not only abuse, but also pathetic lies about the successes of Russian science

Experiment with a Dachshund, which in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was forced to breathe the liquid in the Russian Fund of perspective researches, does not represent anything new to the science. About this on air of «Echo of Moscow» said journalist Sergei Parkhomenko.

«If you opened the «Russian newspaper» eighteen months ago, you would have found most of these people, the dog, the jar and even the plastic tray, then shook out the dog that have accumulated in the lungs, in the publication, eighteen months ago, where it was already told about this amazing victory of the Russian science», – he said.

The journalist noted that over the dog scoffed absolutely pointless.

«The question is not only animal cruelty, though no doubt in it, the question is not only of stupidity and the stupidity of the people who staged this public demonstration, but the question is that it’s all dull, empty and pathetic lies – lies about the successes of Russian science and about the front edge» – he stressed.

Parkhomenko said that in five minutes found out that the first successful experiments on liquid breathing held in 1975 at the Bakulev Institute in Moscow.

«I had a nagging sense that I’m talking about is from something else. I remember. I was a beloved chemistry teacher at school. I finished school in ‘ 81, the year. And the chemistry class I had in eighth grade, so some 78th year. My chemistry teacher told… just like the rest of the class about «blue blood», perftoran and animals, which can be how many seconds to hold in the water (or many minutes), and they remain alive,» he said.

The journalist added that he had seen a similar experiment in the movie.

«Was the movie of James Cameron the famous called «the Abyss». 80-year shot, in 90-m received the «Oscar». For what? For the special effects. What was the effects? This. Because the Central plot of this film is that it is liquid breathing. There’s some fight with aliens and terrorists under water. And so people then breathe this special liquid, and so forth,» he recalled.

Parkhomenko noted that the film was a scene in which the rat was lowered into the bath with a special liquid, and she was still alive.

«Even then there was a scandal about this. In the UK, for example, the Royal veterinary corps ordered to cut this piece of film because it’s cruelty to animals. In 89-m to year they have tsandalle on this topic. Here it is happening in 2017, and we demonstrate this as the front edge of science. And it’s the Foundation for advanced scientific development shows us that you need more money. Because of this struggle – the struggle for «more money»: give us more government funding – we next Behemoth back down, this big tub», he concluded.

December 19, Rogozin and the President of Serbia Alexander survived were present at the experiment on liquid breathing in the Russian Foundation for advanced research. The Dachshund was placed in the tank with a special liquid that does not contain nitrogen. The dog was nervous at first, but then got used and began to breathe quietly. The show story is about the experience on TV has caused a wave of indignation in social networks.

Rogozin in connection with the scandal promised to take a Guinea fee itself.

Parkhomenko about the fee in the Bank: It is not only abuse, but also pathetic lies about the successes of Russian science 24.12.2017

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