Parasyuk: I Kolomoisky asked: «I Understand that we are listening?» He said: «in 2014, listened to, not now»

In interview to the edition «GORDON» the extra fractional people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk said that from time to time communicates by phone with the Ukrainian businessman, the former head of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky. According to the policy, most often it is the conversations on General topics.

«He (Kolomoysky. – «GORDON») called me a few times. Just talk. By the way, Kolomoisky and during the trade blockade called me. Just asked: «How are you doing?» I said, «All right. Hold on». That’s about it. 90% of these calls are very few specifics. Just talks on common themes,» – said the Parasyuk.

The MP did not rule out that their telephone conversations are tapped with Kolomoisky.

«I Kolomoisky asked: «You understand that we are listening and can mount a conversation at different angles?» He said, «well, me, in 2014 I listened to, but not now». I replied, «maybe you have not listen to it, and I, for sure,» said Parasyuk.

The politician stressed that Kolomoisky has played a major role in countering Russian military aggression in 2014-2015.

«I was interested in many episodes from his biography. Some pages of his life, of course, there are issues, but in 2014 he has put a lot of effort to protect our country. Of course, Kolomoisky has assets in Ukraine. Of course, he needs the preservation of the country. And how Patriotic were his beliefs in 2014-2015, I think time will tell,» said Parasyuk.

«In 2014, the conditions began to run only Kolomoisky. The rest of the oligarchs went to Poroshenko with suitcases of cash to protect their scheme.» Full interview with Vladimir Parasyuk

Igor Kolomoisky is one of the richest Ukrainian businessmen, from 2 March 2014 to 24 March 2015 was the head of Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration.

The centurion Maidan Vladimir Parasyuk with the beginning of the war in the Donbass went to the area ATO as part of the volunteer battalion MIA «Dnepr-1». In the autumn of 2014 early parliamentary election was elected people’s Deputy. 122 single-mandate constituency in the Lviv region voted for 56.56 per cent of voters. Parasyuk is a member of the parliamentary Committee on preventing and combating corruption.

Parasyuk: I Kolomoisky asked: «I Understand that we are listening?» He said: «in 2014, listened to, not now» 26.12.2017

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