Parasyuk: I Groysman suggested: «Volodya, I support the budget, and I’m 20 million UAH will be allocated to the County»

For three years in the Verkhovna Rada faction people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk never voted for the state budget. About it in interview to «GORDON» said the MP, stressing that didn’t vote for it, even when Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, according parasiuk, asked him to allocate additional 20 million UAH for the County.

«I have in my entire cadence MP never for one budget did not vote. Because there is sharing, not planning. Last year even the Prime Minister Groysman called me and said: «Volodya, I support the budget, and I’m 20 million UAH will be allocated to the district,» – said Parasyuk.

The MP added that he had communicated with, including on the question of relief in Ukraine, registration of cars with foreign numbers, but this, according to Parasyuk, nor to no avail.

«Before I’ve run into it (Groisman. – «GORDON») office, we tried to solve the problem of foreign-registered vehicles. Groysman said: «Let us settle the question that there was no mess and all had access to cars». Eventually they threw me, not fulfilled promises,» said Parasyuk.

The MP stressed that the additional funding allocated for the district only when voting for the state budget.

«Over the years, the Cabinet and the coalition, no additional funds for my district not identified, although I tried other things. But they provide additional 15-20 million UAH on the district only when voting for the annual budget. I came to the Parliament a conscience to sell? I have had doubts: «That’s why people have to suffer?» But, first, in the context of the current inflation 20 million to the County’s 175 million voters – it’s a penny. Secondly, the authorities will assume that I can buy. No, no the money’s not worth it. Need to change, not the budget deribanit» – summed up the Parasyuk.

«In 2014, the conditions began to run only Kolomoisky. The rest of the oligarchs went to Poroshenko with suitcases of cash to protect their scheme.» Full interview with Vladimir Parasyuk

7 December 2017, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the budget for the year 2018, voted 273 MP. According to the document, next year for returns at the level of 913,6137 billion UAH, expenses – 988,6343 billion. From 1 January next year the living wage will be 1700 UAH, from 1 July – 1777 UAH, from December 1 – UAH 1853. The document was developed, based on a forecast inflation rate of 9% and GDP growth of 3%. In the law laid down by 29.3 hryvnia exchange rate UAH/$.

Volodymyr parasiuk was elected Deputy at the early parliamentary elections in the fall of 2014. 122 single-mandate constituency in the Lviv region voted for 56.56 per cent of voters. Parasyuk is a member of the parliamentary Committee on preventing and combating corruption.

Parasyuk: I Groysman suggested: «Volodya, I support the budget, and I’m 20 million UAH will be allocated to the County» 25.12.2017

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