Parasyuk: How many criminal cases opened on me in fact fights? 13, 14, and 17. What’s the difference?

In the Ukrainian government as «liars and thieves», which sometimes does not remain other exit, except how literally to take them, said in an interview with «GORDON» the extra fractional people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk.

«I am for an MP not holding on, not looking at the mandate as a chance to build a career. It is because not going to tolerate lies. Believe me, life would no one raised a hand or a leg, but now so much at the mercy of liars and thieves that sometimes it is necessary. It’s like war: sitting in a trench, songs and poems of tanks to win, you must get an RPG and shoot,» said Parasyuk.

He added that he has no idea how to present against him initiated criminal proceedings.

«How many criminal proceedings initiated me into the fights? 13, 14, and 17. I do not know. What’s the difference? I do not know. During the trade embargo Abroskin (Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin. – «GORDON») do them every day recorded. To help you understand: the man who had hurt my hand on a shopping embargo, wrote a statement to the police that I allegedly beat!» said Parasyuk.

The MP also said that after the parliamentary powers it will be more difficult «to fend off attacks,» the General Prosecutor’s office.

«What will you do, if not more of iberus in the Verkhovna Rada? Oh, I’ll live! Probably have to fend off the attacks of the Prosecutor General, they will have a real opportunity to get me. While this prevents them my Deputy status,» said Parasyuk.

«In 2014, the conditions began to run only Kolomoisky. The rest of the oligarchs went to Poroshenko with suitcases of cash to protect their scheme.» Full interview with Vladimir Parasyuk

December 5, 2015 the national police opened criminal proceedings in connection with the attack Volodymyr parasiuk law enforcement authority in the court of Appeal of Donetsk region in Mariupol. The investigation is underway under article 345 (threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body) the Criminal code of Ukraine. In an interview with «GORDON» Parasyuk said that did not beat a police officer in the Mariupol court, and he considers the incident a provocation by the interior Ministry.

October 17, under walls of the Verkhovna Rada there was a skirmish between Parasyuk and Valery Geletey, a former defense Minister and head of the state guard. Parasyuk pushed the ex-Minister and kicked him with the words: «Hear, you, tvaryuka, even for Ilovaysk answer.»

In September 2016 in a live TV channel «112 Ukraine» there was a verbal altercation between the MP of the Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul and Parasyuk, and finally scratched the keys on the car of his opponent the inscription «VLK FSO» («Vilkul, fuck you th…»).

Parasyuk: How many criminal cases opened on me in fact fights? 13, 14, and 17. What’s the difference? 25.12.2017

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