Paradise Papers: the UN called for the punishment of Corporation for misuse of offshore companies

Investment funds and agencies should downgrade the credit rating of multinational corporations that systematically violate the tax law. On 9 November, said the UN experts in human rights, commenting on the publication of archives, the Paradise Papers, the press service of the organization.

In their opinion, the financial abuse lead to increased social injustice and denial of human rights around the world.

«Rich people and international corporations continue to use unethical methods in an attempt to reduce taxes to the minimum level,» – said in a statement.

The UN believes that the law firms that help evade taxes, should also be held accountable.

The theme of concealment of multinational companies from taxes will be discussed at the UN Forum on business and human rights, held in Geneva from 27 to 29 November.

Materials of the international law firm Appleby, known as the Paradise Papers («Archive Paradise Islands»), received from anonymous sources, the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The publication has shared information with the International consortium of investigative journalists. Over the files worked for more than 380 journalists from 67 countries.

The results of the investigations published on 5 November.

According to the documents, the richest people of a planet hidden in offshore accounts almost €7.9 trillion. Multinationals every year transferred to «tax havens» €600 billion In materials bearing the names of such companies as Nike, Apple, Uber, Facebook, Siemens, Allianz, Bayer and Deutsche Bank.

«Tax haven» used by more than 120 politicians from about 50 countries, as well as businessmen, members of aristocratic families, athletes, artists and scammers.

7 November, the Minister of Finance of Estonia Toomas Tyniste reported that the European Union is planning in December to approve the «black list» of offshore zones.

Paradise Papers: the UN called for the punishment of Corporation for misuse of offshore companies 10.11.2017

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