Pangea. The visit of U.S. Secretary of state to Moscow: calls for unity, the fate of Assad and the situation in Ukraine

The English press highlights the visit of U.S. Secretary of state Kerry in Moscow, where he held talks with Russian foreign Minister Lavrov and President Putin. «Long stay John Kerry in Moscow due to a common, mutually beneficial interests in Ukraine and in Syria» — I think the reviewers. In Moscow «Kerry changed his tone» that «marks the success of Putin», says the Western press.

«The prolonged presence of John Kerry in Moscow due to a common, mutually beneficial interests in Ukraine and in Syria» is an article by Independent columnist Mary Dejevsky. The author notes: the fact that Kerry arrived in Moscow for three days (a very long time for the visit of U.S. Secretary of state), reflects not only the importance the White house now attaches to its relations with Russia, but also all the delicacy of the stage, who entered Moscow and Washington.

Dejevsky highlights: USA for the hundredth time tried to find out how far Russia ready to make to support Assad. «And Putin, of course, also for the umpteenth time gave to understand that Russia is keeping Assad in power — a secondary matter compared with the preservation of the Syrian state. Both countries — Yes, and Russia too — have invested great political capital in the Geneva talks, and the failure of the negotiations would cost them too much money,» says the author.

Not less important for the talks Kerry in Moscow on the theme «Ukraine and the prospects for more durable peace than a stalemate, to which Ukraine seems to slide in very many respects», says the article. According to Dejevsky, from the USA, EU and Moscow comes a sense that the settlement in Ukraine still «feasible».

Moscow publicly declares that it will fulfill its part of the Minsk agreements, but only after Kiev will fulfill the conditions related to decentralization. «The result is a stalemate that may delay, if not disrupt, the agreement as a whole,» the author writes.

«Should be, there is hope that the U.S. and EU will jointly put pressure on Kyiv, demanding that he fulfil his part of obligations. This was one of the objectives of the negotiations in Moscow this week. Although the West believe the opposite, neither the destabilization of Ukraine, or even acquiescence in a «frozen» conflict is never the interests of Russian security. Russia needs a stable neighbour with the boundary laid down by law that also meets the interests of Kiev», — concludes the author.

«U.S. and Russia plan a strategy of appeasement in Syria,» — this is the headline in The Wall Street Journal. On Thursday the United States and Russia praised the progress of the Syrian armistice and promised to build on this success by supporting the inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva, said the journalist Alan Cullison.

According to the paper, the differences between Moscow and Washington on the future of Bashar al-Assad continue. «But both sides said that at the moment to restore order in Syria will try to forget about disagreements», — the newspaper writes.

The publication believes, on Thursday at the beginning of the talks Putin «said an unusually warm words about Obama«because now Russian-American relations are cold, «the Kremlin has stoked in your country anti-American sentiments almost to fury».

«The United States and Russia have vowed to renew efforts for peace in Syria,» — says Financial Times. However, it is unclear how far Putin Kerry from any obligations concerning the fate of Assad, according to the reporter Katherine hill. «As expected, from the question, leaving Assad to resign, and if so — when and how, depends on the ability to conclude a political agreement with the Syrian opposition,» the article says.

«Despite the evasive public statements by Lavrov, Kerry seems to have been configured cautiously optimistic,» says the author.

According to the newspaper, Moscow treated the visit of Kerry as a chance to advocate for gradual improved relations with the United States. «It may be our last attempt to reach a compromise with the Obama administration for easing confrontation,» — said the expert Sergey Rogov (Russian Academy of Sciences). According to him, if now will not be able to move forward, the fate of Russian-American relations will be preporucena the next U.S. administration, for which Russia may be even worse than Obama.

Be that as it may, the newspaper said that Kerry changed his tone. «This marks a success for Putin, whose military intervention in Syria was partly guided by the desire to make Russia an indispensable partner for the West and thereby to break out of isolation. On Thursday Putin, welcoming Kerry, was aware that this goal is achieved,» reads the article.

«The inter-Syrian peace talks: Putin urged to influence Bashar al-Assad» — said in the title The Guardian. In the final first round of talks in Geneva the Syrian opposition warned that hope on the progress of negotiations is not worth it, if only Putin will have no impact on Assad, according to journalists Patrick Wintour and Sean Walker. «The opposition added, the Syrian truce falls through, if the second round of talks, due to start on 9 April, will not be able to move quickly to question the political transition process,» the article says.

The warning came from the lips of Basma Kodmani, official spokesperson of the Higher Committee on negotiations — the body of the Syrian opposition. «Meanwhile U.S. Secretary of state Kerry met in Moscow with Putin, in order to probe the ground to find out to what extent Putin is ready to put pressure on Assad, urging him to resign, and what price Russia asks for anything in return,» the article says.

The publication suggests: Americans recognize that now Putin is leading an influential force in Syria.

Kodmani said: «This precious, unique moment, and we hope that Russia will seize the moment and use their levers in order to ensure the practical implementation of the international consensus».

«Without these levers of pressure on the regime, we have little hope that something will be done and the negotiations in Geneva will provide significant results,» she added.

«After Brussels attacks Kerry called for unity, speaking in Moscow» — informs the title of The Washington Post. Journalist Andrew Roth explains: the purpose of the unity of Russia and the USA — to contribute to ending the conflict in Syria. «Kerry said that the attacks that took place this week in Brussels, «emphasized the urgent need to» defeat «the Islamic state», — writes the edition.

According to the newspaper, Moscow wants its talks with the US were closer. «She claims that it is necessary to fight international terrorism. But at the same time such talks will prove that Russia has broken out of a ring of international isolation, which had been due to the Ukrainian conflict», — writes the edition.

Last week Moscow has threatened that it will begin the power to force parties for a ceasefire in Syria, if you can’t negotiate with the U.S. army with strict rules maintaining the truce.

In response, Colonel Warren, the representative of the coalition led by the United States, stated that no delay no and the question is «lengthy already been discussed and are being discussed in a constructive spirit».

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Pangea. The visit of U.S. Secretary of state to Moscow: calls for unity, the fate of Assad and the situation in Ukraine 25.03.2016

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