Pangea. «If the Syrian failure of the West is a symbol, then it’s Aleppo»

«The Russian President has captured a major role in the Syrian drama» — so make comments the Western media of what is happening in Syria. Russian bombing Aleppo can lead to the fact that «there won’t be any Syrian opposition to sit at the table of any talks,» fear the reviewers. «The West capitulates to Putin’s chess moves,» says Die Welt. «Death in Aleppo, a victory in Russia, the chaos in Europe» — this scenario draws FT.

«Death in Aleppo, a victory in Russia, the chaos in Europe» is the title of the article in the Financial Times. Journalist Roel Calaf recalls that provoked the Syrian civil war migration crisis has led to a growth of xenophobia in Europe and «poisoned» political opposition in the EU. According to Calef, now, against the background of what is happening in Aleppo, the crisis will worsen.

«(…) The world seems as helpless as ever, the article says. — The Russian President has captured a major role in the Syrian drama, and forced all others to fight for minor».

«For months, Russia is helping Assad to eradicate the opposition, which was invited to Geneva for the talks, said the author. — Putin’s goal — to leave Syria two sides — the Assad regime and the ISIS (organization banned in Russia. — Approx. ed.) and force the world to choose between them.»

«If the Assad regime wins the battle for Aleppo, many foreign governments will decide that it’s time to forget about the rebels and join forces with Russia and Assad to defeat ISIL, says the journalist. — (…) It will be an enticing option, but he will not put an end to any Syrian war and refugee crisis. Extremism in Syria is mainly a consequence of the brutality of the ruling regime. And in the hands of ISIL will get many of the West favored the insurgents.»

«Russian intervention in the war in Syria has sharply reduced the ability of the United States» — says in the title, The New York Times.

«For many months the US insisted that the civil war in Syria cannot be ended by military means, there is only a political agreement» between President Assad and opposition groups, the author writes David E. Sanger. On Wednesday, a senior us official admitted that a military solution is possible, «not our decision», and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is facing Secretary of state John Kerry, engaging in crucial negotiations about the truce and the creation of a «humanitarian corridor». «Kerry joins the talks with very little leverage that the Russians cut many paths that were used by the CIA for the not-so secret attempt to arm rebel groups (…). Kerry supporters in the administration say its more disappointing a low level of military activity of America, which he considers vital to the strengthening of its position in the negotiations,» the newspaper said.

«His colleagues in the administration, however, fear that three months of efforts to start the political process close to collapse. If they fail, it will force Kerry and President Obama to revisit plan B — a much larger military efforts against Assad. But Obama has spent five years trying to avoid this conflict, especially when any ground operation will depend on forces, led by a disparate group of opposition leaders that he does not trust», — stated in the article.

«The West capitulates to Putin’s chess moves» — to such conclusion came in the title of political observer of the German newspaper Die Welt Richard Herzinger.

«In Syria, Putin everything is going according to plan, the journalist writes, adding that everything that happens is «not an accident but part of a strategic calculation that the Russian leadership with cynical perseverance should have from the beginning. And by its actions, the Kremlin is killing several birds with one stone». First, it «sets the ground by military facts on the background of peace talks on Syria.» At the same time he «sought to ensure that the West pays for Putin’s alleged willingness to engage in serious negotiations with a range of concessions from Western countries without any reciprocal concessions on the part of Russia». Thus, Washington and the Europeans, as explained by the publication, already agreed on a time to leave Assad in power and as a sign of «de-escalation» to suspend arms shipments to the rebels.

«Moreover, military axis Moscow-Tehran-Damascus, creating new waves of refugees, contributes to the destabilization objectionable to neighboring countries, among which in the first place — Turkey». Russian planes now constantly violated Turkish airspace, but Turkey as a NATO member hands are tied: if she again shot down the Russian plane, she can get an open confrontation between Moscow and the Alliance. Putin also uses the migration catastrophe to undermine the EU.

«But it’s the humiliation of the West will not lead to the fact that the head of the Kremlin would return to the path of peaceful cooperation. It will only strengthen his belief that «decadent» West is feet of clay and can be controlled using a combination of military policy of blackmail, propaganda and infiltration feigned cooperation», — concludes the author.

The Guardianпубликует his eyes on the battle for Aleppo. «What is happening on the ground fighting not only creates unfavorable conditions for [diplomatic] breakthrough, but also raises deeper doubts about whether the U.S. policy and West are meaningful,» says the newspaper.

The publication indicates that the bombing of Aleppo, which lead VKS RF, can lead to the fact that «there won’t be any Syrian opposition to sit at the table of any negotiations.» «The net result of four Russian military intervention in Syria now could prove to be an important turning point in the war — but that will increase, not reduce human suffering and eventually nourish the «Islamic state,» the article says.

The publication indicates that Russia’s actions in Syria have severely limited opportunities for the United States — in particular, the establishment of protected West «no-fly zone» is almost impossible. «If the Syrian failure of the West is a symbol, it is Aleppo. This city has become a stain on the reputation of the UN. Now he is a stain on the record of the US administration, no matter how well-intentioned she wanted to look».

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Pangea. «If the Syrian failure of the West is a symbol, then it’s Aleppo» 11.02.2016

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