Pakistan has arrested a suspect in a series of attacks in Mumbai in 2008

Pakistani authorities have arrested a Muslim cleric , Hafiz Saeed, who is suspected of organizing terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008, which killed 166 people. It is reported by BBC Russian.

Sayid is now under house arrest in Lahore. He repeatedly declared that has no relation to the attacks. Nevertheless, the authorities of the United States and India believe that it was he who organized the bomb attacks in Mumbai.

The representative said said that Pakistani authorities arrested a priest under US pressure. Himself Hafiz Saeed said in 2014 that the United States pursue it, to seek the support of India in Afghanistan.

Saeed was placed under house arrest immediately after the terrorist attack of 2008, however, six months later, released. Pakistani authorities said that the prosecution of a religious leader is not enough evidence.

All these years, despite the United States appointed a reward of 10 million dollars for his capture, said led outdoor lifestyle. He regularly played with hard antihistime statements.

Hafiz Saeed founded the organization «Lashkar-e-Taiba» which is recognized as terrorist and banned in several countries, including USA, India, Russia, Britain and other EU member States.

He now heads the organization «dzhamaat UD-Dava», which bills itself as a charity. The United States and India believe that «dzhamaat UD-Dava» operates as a cover for «Lashkar-e-Taiba».

The UN believes «dzhamaat UD-Dava» terrorist organization. In 2015, the list of potentially terrorist organizations it included and Pakistan.

26 November 2008 in Mumbai, ten armed men staged a series of attacks. As a result of indiscriminate firing and explosions on the streets, in two hotels, at the train station and a Jewish centre killed 166 people. The attacks lasted for three days.

Pakistan has arrested a suspect in a series of attacks in Mumbai in 2008 31.01.2017

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