Over Ukraine and sanctions the export of Russian vodka fell by 40%

By the end of 2015 the supply of Russian vodka and liqueur-vodka products abroad fell by more than 40% and both cash and in kind. This writes the Russian «Kommersant» with reference to customs statistics.

According to the publication, almost three times the output dropped supplies to Ukraine. Moreover, Western companies in terms of sanctions became nastroenie treat products from Russia.

In 2015, the newspaper writes, from Russia abroad was delivered of vodka and liqueur-vodka products in the amount 111,9 million, which is 40.2% less than was exported in 2014 (187,1 million).

Physical volume of exports for the year fell by about 42%, to 4.35 million dal, which is the lowest figure since 2005 (the publication refers to calculations of the Center for the study of Federal and regional alcohol markets).

Before the annexation of Crimea and war in Donbass Ukraine was one of the largest markets for Russian vodka: in 2013 it was imported into the country in the amount of 38.6 million dollars.

However, already in 2014 the volume of export fell to 12.2 million dollars, and by the end of 2015 it decreased three times — up to 3,87 million.

«In Ukraine, where now virtually stopped selling Russian vodka, all in the past year have been weak results in Azerbaijan due to the devaluation of the manat,» — said a top Manager of a major beverage company.

Export of vodka and liqueur-vodka products (LVI) in Azerbaijan has decreased twice — from $ 10.56 million to 5.3 million.

In the first place in the Russian export of vodka and spirits by the end of 2015 was great Britain (more of 22.53 million), the second largest was the German market (22,41 $ million), third — Latvia (11,84 million).

However, compared to the year 2014 all of these markets showed a significant reduction in the volume of purchases of Russian vodka and spirits. The fall was over 35, 14 and 28.6%, respectively.

We will remind, on January 10 of the current year entered into force the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine «On prohibition of import into the customs territory of Ukraine of goods originating from the Russian Federation», which will be valid until 5 August.

Over Ukraine and sanctions the export of Russian vodka fell by 40% 16.02.2016

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