Over the past week on positions of forces ATO militants of illegal armed groups released more than 600 rpm

Last week the situation in the zone of the antiterrorist operation remained difficult. Starting from February 20 and until today, the militants of illegal armed formations (IAF) controlled by the Ukrainian government of certain districts of the Donbas (ORDO/ORLO) 415 times fired at positions of ATO forces, including 85 times — with weapons, which must already be allocated for the Minsk agreements certain distance.

This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian side of the Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire and stabilization of demarcation line of the parties (SCCC), Lieutenant-General Andrey Taran, reports on his page in Facebook press-center of staff ATO with reference to Vasyl Laba, press officer of the Ukrainian part of SCCC.

According to him, the vast majority of cells instability, where most often violated the cease-fire, was captured by militants of illegal armed groups in the Donetsk and Gorlovka and their surroundings.

«The most intense fighters of illegal armed groups shelled positions of the ATO forces near the settlements of Maryinka — 88, Experienced — 59 Avdiyivka — Sands and 52 — 50. Not less the difficult situation in the area Krasnogorovka — 45, zaytsevo — 45 and Novgorod — 36 violations of the ceasefire. Here, in addition to small arms, the militants of illegal armed groups also used the Minsk agreements prohibited the mortars of calibres of 120 mm and 82-mm. For the week, the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces recorded the use of at least 164 mines of calibre of 120 mm and 449 min caliber 82-mm. increase in the number of attacks by snipers militants on forces ATO — 42 case,» said Lieutenant General RAM.

Also the head of the Ukrainian part of SCCC focused attention on the fact that in the last week increased the number of armed provocations by illegal armed groups of fighters in captured towns, to blame the Ukrainian armed forces.

«Observers of the Ukrainian part of SCCC and representatives of the OSCE special monitoring mission for several days to record the firing of the armament of the BMP, as well as grenade and mortar fire from the area of Trudovskaya in the direction Donetsk and Staromikhaylovka. The cynicism of such provocations is to demonstrate to the local population, including through mass media, about, mine seems to come from forces ATO», — said the General-the Lieutenant Taran.

It is worth noting that over the past week duty shifts of Ukrainian part of SCCC actively worked to reduce the aggravation of the situation in the conflict area. To prevent escalation of the situation, the mode «silences» on the initiative of the Ukrainian side were introduced 121, of which 85 have reached your destination.

Earlier it was reported that the militants enjoy strong points of forces of anti-terrorist operation prohibited by fire from mortars. It is noted that, as a rule, the number of attacks increases with the onset of dusk.

«At the Donetsk direction the enemy fired at our strong points from small arms, heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades near zaytsevo, Novgorod and Lugansk. Our fortifications near zaytsevo was under fire from mortars caliber 82 mm and 120 mm», — stated in the message of staff.

In the area of antiterrorist operations for the last day none of Ukrainian military died and were wounded, said the speaker of the administration of the President of the ATU Andrei Lysenko.

Lysenko said that in Luhansk direction the illegal armed groups once violated the ceasefire on Bakhmutka highway.

At the Donetsk direction in the area of Gorlovka militants three times opened fire on positions of ATO forces with mortars, also shot on Svetlodarskoye arc, near the village of Lugansk and the Donetsk airport.

Over the past week on positions of forces ATO militants of illegal armed groups released more than 600 rpm 28.02.2016

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