Our missile meet all the necessary criteria, and to threats from Russia we are used to — Poltorak

The Russian Federation informed that Ukraine has fulfilled all criteria for the exercise of Air forces of VSU with missile firing on the South of the country, said the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

«The Russian side knows perfectly well how organized these teachings, and is well aware that any threat to the Armed forces nor civilian objects does not exist», — quotes its «Interfax-Ukraine».

The head of the defense Ministry explained: «in order to conduct exercises with the Air forces with the shooting of the s-300, it is necessary to fulfill many important criteria.»

«These exercises involve greater risk to others, for air targets. Ukraine has fulfilled completely the requirements of, the area of exercise range, front, at a depth of 2 to 3 times more flight range of the missile. This was done in order to in no way to harm civilians, not to strike civilian targets, in particular this applies to the territory of Crimea. We have fulfilled all the requirements, we conduct exercises on our territory, our air space,» he said.

Poltorak also said that earlier in the disposal of the Ukrainian army in the Crimea was a testing ground on which to carry out the firing of such a complex, also from the s-300 exercises were held in Kazakhstan.

«Russia is not like that we’ve got our own training center, the range where we can perform these exercises. We have the ability to seriously train the armed forces of the APU. Russia stands in the position of «the worse, the better», but we need these doctrines are necessary, because for the first time in many years carrying out such shooting. They are extremely important to enhance the defense capability of our state. Because the equipment is good, but practical shooting is completely different,» he said.

The defense Minister noted that the presentation of the notes of the military attaché and the emergence of information about the possibility of Russian missile strike he regards as the pressure.

«They tried to press notes about the warning that they will destroy our starting point, our missiles. But with this we face almost every day. If all this — then we should just sit and do nothing every day. We have no such possibility. Despite all the threats, we must move forward,» he said.

In addition, Poltorak assured that Ukraine is not going to strike the Crimea in case of application by Russia of a missile strike during firing exercises over the Black sea.

«No (not planning to attack Crimea — ed.). We have no such weapons to shoot in the Crimea», — lead his words «Ukrainian news».

The Minister stressed that Russia could pose a threat to Ukraine.

«From Russia you can expect anything. She’s unpredictable,» he said.

«Those exercises that we conduct, we carry out on their territory and do not violate any international law», — said Poltorak.

Recall, today, December 1, 2016, passed the first day missile exercise in the Kherson region, directly adjacent to Russians occupied the Ukrainian Crimea.

«Plan of objectives completed, shooting successful: all the targets. Today, the doctrine is over,» — reported the Minister of defence.

In turn, Petro Poroshenko said that the only reason that «makes us to carry out the exercise, is the need to be constantly ready for full-scale invasion on the part of our aggressive neighbor». The head of state stressed that the launch occur in the airspace of Ukraine, in the open sea, in full accordance with international law, and «air firing pass, regardless of any statements that Moscow does».

Our missile meet all the necessary criteria, and to threats from Russia we are used to — Poltorak 01.12.2016

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