От «Мэтью» на Гаити лишились жизни тысяча человек

Because of the hurricane «Matthew» in Haiti killed 1 000 people, according to October 10, 2016 Reuters, citing local officials.

It is noted that in the country epidemic of cholera.

It is also reported that the authorities began to bury the dead.

«Matthew» has become the most powerful hurricane in the last 10 years in this country.

The element felt in Haiti 4 October.

Before that, it was reported 900 deaths from «Matthew» of the Haitian people.

On the evening of 9 October, «Matthew» stopped in South Carolina (USA).

Us President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in the States of Florida, South and North Carolina and also in Georgia.

От «Мэтью» на Гаити лишились жизни тысяча человек 10.10.2016

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