Oschadbank postponed the introduction of a fee for utilities

The Board of the Bank decided to postpone the introduction of the Tariff decision of the Committee on the introduction of a fee for making utility payments. About it reports a press-service of the Bank.

As noted, this is done with the goal of developing, with appropriate public authorities in the mechanism, which will allow you to keep free utilities for the poorest segments of the population (recipients of subsidies).

«Article 53 of the law of Ukraine «On banks and banking activity» establishes the prohibition of banks to establish fees for banking services at below cost of operations, about what Oschadbank has repeatedly provided reasonable estimates of the state authorities to account when making relevant decisions», — stated in the message.

It is noted that the proposed Bank establishing in the checkout price of 3 UAH. is the lowest in the banking market and aims to ensure the profitability of operations.

Also, in Oshchadbank remind that Ukraine signed a number of international agreements, including the Memorandum with the IMF and has committed itself to implementing ambitious reforms.

«Among other things, the Memorandum provides the market conditions for the operation of state-owned banks and their radical reform. State banks, like the rest of the state, the company can generate revenues for the budget. For the state, for 45 million Ukrainians. Therefore, Oschadbank must have the same attitude as for any other public companies, which reformed», — says the press service of the Bank.

Also in Oshchadbank reminded that in two years, the Bank has ensured the widest possible access channels free payment of utility bills for all segments of the population.

«The Bank has opened more than 400 branches of the new format with the comfortable zones of self-service has doubled the number of payment terminals to 2000 pieces, which, as card and cash, connected to the updated web and mobile services of the Bank «Oshchad 24/7″ more than 1 million customers and has translated into a terminal more than 15% of all payments previously held only through cash desks of the Bank», — stated in the message.

Recall, Oschadbank announced that it plans to introduce a fee for the payments of utility services in their offices: the Commission for single payment will be established in the amount of 3 UAH. No commissions will be possible to pay housing and communal services in self-service terminals of the Bank.

Later the President Petro Poroshenko sent a letter to the Chairman of JSC «State savings Bank of Ukraine» Andrey Lush, which addressed the Bank’s management to urgently review the decision on the collection of fees for utilities.

Oschadbank postponed the introduction of a fee for utilities 12.11.2016

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