OSCE: the Parties put weapons and vehicles among the houses, and in Kominternovo and mask

The parties to the conflict in the Donbas hide weapons and vehicles among houses in the settlements, according to the OSCE observers in their report.

In the document, in particular, it is noted that on 30 January, the OSCE observers had seen «a masked vehicle of the military type between two civilian homes in Kominternovo (23 km North-East from Mariupol)».

Any party to the conflict belonged to the vehicle, in the report of the OSCE reported. Not also reported that earlier this tactically important for the battle the settlement was in the so-called «grey zone», however on December 22 of last year
was occupied by Pro-Russian militants and that a week later, in response to an official request of the Ukrainian side, the OSCE eventually has described this capture as a violation of the Minsk agreements.

In one of the earlier reports of the OSCE observers, saying first that accompanied their fighters were not allowed to pass on the main street Kominternovo, the report still stated that «they did not see armed personnel or equipment» in this village.

The Ukrainian side has repeatedly pointed to the presence in Kominternovo military personnel of the Russian Federation.

That the militants hiding technique in the yards of residents Kominternovo, previously reported by the ATO headquarters

As for the current report of the OSCE special mission in Ukraine, in it observers write that the military equipment in civilian houses they had seen on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. In the report it is reported that January 31 was recorded «5 armoured personnel carriers (APCS) and one BMP-1, standing between the civilian houses in the government-controlled the Pavlopil (25km North-East from Mariupol)».

In the context of the situation in Pavlopol recall that in November 2015 the Donetsk regional military-civil administration decided to transfer control of entry/exit from Gnutoo at Pischevik-Pavlopol. The head of the administration Pavel Zhebrivsky noted, this measure will allow to move the checkpoints further away from Mariupol, will make life easier for residents, but will also result in several settlements of Donetsk region from the «gray zone».

But soon, 4 December 2015, it was reported that the militants /ukraine/04dec2015/v_rayone_pavlopolya.html made an attack on the strong point of the Armed forces of Ukraine near the village of Pavlopol Volnovakha district of Donetsk region, but were forced to retreat because of resistance from the Ukrainian soldiers.

OSCE: the Parties put weapons and vehicles among the houses, and in Kominternovo and mask 02.02.2016

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