OSCE: in Donetsk, severely shot in Lugansk more goods, but which added a third

On the intensification of movement by militants in the occupied areas in the Donetsk region, on outbreaks of fire in the vicinity of Donetsk, and other occupied cities of Donetsk region during 31 October and 1 November, and also increased the range of food items and sanitary materials in Lugansk and increased while the prices reported by the observers of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine (SMM) in its daily report.

Observers report that «on 31 October the SMM observed motor activity in some areas of the Donetsk region». On the same day, members of the MSF who were on the permanent observation station near the railway station in Donetsk, «heard the sound of two gun shots in 5-6 km to the North, one burst of fire from small arms and light weapons in 3 kilometers to the North and one explosion [due to] the incoming fire in 3 km North – North-West».

In the report of the OSCE also reported that on the same day, 31 October, observers reported explosions and gunfire in the settlements of Donetsk region. So, being in Yasinovataya, 16 km from the city of Donetsk, the 12 members of the SMM heard the sounds of artillery shots and (or) explosions (explosions, — ed.) at 7-12 km North – North-East from the place of his residence, and in Gorlovka (39 km to Severo-East of Donetsk city) – heard such sounds eight times.

Significantly increased the intensity of the fire observers recorded the next day, November 1, from an observation post at the station in Donetsk 114 they heard artillery explosions and (or) shots at 3-5 km from the place of its location. «In addition, it [SMM] heard numerous flashes of fire from anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers, assault rifles, heavy machine guns and other small arms and light weapons».

In addition, to check the information about the shelling that occurred on 30 October and, presumably, resulted in the injury of a civilian, hmm the next day, 31 October, went to the scene of the event, controlled by the militants areas in «8 km North-West of Donetsk.» Here the SMM observers «have seen fresh blood and fresh shrapnel from a mortar warhead». However, «hmm haven’t seen craters at this point, the authors of the report, and continues: «Later, in Donbasse trauma hospital in Donetsk, the wife of the alleged victim told the SMM that this man just do the surgery».

And on the shelves of occupied Luhansk the SMM observers have noticed the expansion of the range of food products and sanitary.

«In one of the supermarkets of the city of Lugansk and on the open market in a controlled «LNR» great Vergunka (7 km East of Lugansk), according to the statement, the SMM saw shops well filled, compared with a month ago, and hygiene and sanitation».

However, compared with the situation in September, «the price of basic foods has risen by approximately 10%– according to OSCE observers, «and compared to July – more than 30%».

Where such goods are supplied to shops of Lugansk, the authors of the report are not reported.

On 29 October it was reported that another convoy of EMERCOM of Russia with humanitarian aid for Donbass crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border.

At this time in the occupied part of Ukraine have visited more than 40 such convoys. On 1 October reported on the statement of the Russian authorities that the humanitarian convoy will be sent into Ukraine on a weekly basis. The goods brought by the convoys are intended for free distribution to the public, however, earlier among the gunmen had been allegations that in reality the humanitarian aid supplied to stores and sold there.

In addition, it was reported that along with food and hygiene, the composition of the humanitarian convoy going and military items. So, it was reported that from Russia with «humanitarian convoy» prahladananda exploration. In addition, the participants of hostilities in the ATO zone have repeatedly noted that after the arrival of another «humanitarian convoy» from Russia hosted by the intensity of the insurgents attacks increases significantly.

Recently it was reported that Pro-Russian militants decided to «deny»
humanitarian assistance from Ukraine and from abroad. Measures against Putin’s humanitarian convoy was not planned.

It was also reported that the militants have not missed the convoy of the International Committee of the red cross to deliver humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk.

Earlier in the reports of the OSCE reported that in the occupied territories Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts of the Russian ruble by the will of the local «authorities» became the main currency, staying in treatment, and that the floating exchange rate of the hryvnia against the ruble in the government leads to rise in prices of goods by half.

It was also reported on the logistics centers established by Ukrainian authorities near the line of contact of parties to the conflict to ensure that the residents of the occupied territories had an opportunity to buy goods at controlled Ukraine towards the Ukrainian prices are lower than in the occupied territories of Donbass.

Also it was repeatedly reported about the Ukrainian authorities fight the smuggling of goods into the occupied territories of Donbass.

OSCE: in Donetsk, severely shot in Lugansk more goods, but which added a third 03.11.2015

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