OSCE can’t confirm death of Motorola. His wife runs away from Donetsk, and militants threatened «retribution»

Deputy Chairman of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine Alexander hug stated that organizations can not yet confirm the death of a fighter Arsen Pavlov (Motorola) in Donetsk.

He said this in comments to «112 Ukraine».

According to hug, the mission carefully check all of the updated information and confirm the death of Pavlova yet.

«We know about these messages (regarding the death of Pavlov — ed.). Based on our own observations, we cannot confirm the information that was provided. Our observers, who are based in Donetsk, to carefully monitor the situation in this area on both sides of the line of collision. Any worsening of the situation for any reason, this must be avoided,» said hug.

Meanwhile, in the Internet appeared the video with a liquidation of Motorola.

As it became known, the explosion in the Elevator was also killed and a security guard Pavlova. This was stated by the so-called «Deputy commander of the operational command» of the self-proclaimed «DND» Eduard Bacurin, reports «RIA Novosti». As noted, in the murder of Motorola Basurin accused of «Ukrainian terrorists.»

«It (Motorola — ed) life and that of his subordinate broke-controlled explosive device detonated by remote control by Ukrainian terrorists at a time when the military took up home in the Elevator of a multistory building», — he said.

In connection with the death of Russian mercenaries in the so-called «DNR» announced three days of mourning. The relevant «decree» was signed by the leader of the terrorist «republics» Alexander Zakharchenko, reports «Island».

In turn, the action Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi) stated that the death of Pavlova is a global crime.

He said this in comments to the News Front.

«What happened is a global crime. Whoever did it, for it will greatly pay. The Whole Of Ukraine. Each city after the «Donetsk people’s Republic», which we will capture on, to Kiev. I will equate to the ground. For this friend,» — said Givi.

He added that the answer will be all the Ukrainian people and called Motorola death blow to the «DNR».

Immediately after the murder Thriller Pavlov and his wife Elena were hastily preparing to leave Donetsk.

As reports Dialog, witnesses saw Elena Pavlova ran out of the house with the guards that helped her to load in the car a few bags. Together with them were also children.

«Pavlov worked in a team Sparta, through it, the important documents, she knew about the financial flows of militants, who is sponsoring gangs and so on. Even if it is not going to kill as a husband, you probably then will remove its quiet, or someone will move it inadvertently, undermine or I’ll kill you» — comments on social networks

Recall, October 16, Russian media reported that in Donetsk the explosion killed one of the leaders of the Pro-Russian terrorist organization «DNR» Arseny Pavlov. According to preliminary information, the explosive used was plastic explosive, and the bomb was fixed on the Elevator cable.

Pavlov — a native of the Komi Republic (Russia). Participated in Pro-Russian rallies in Kharkiv in March 2014. In the Donbas led a battalion of fighters «Sparta» and boasted of killing 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine earlier said that in this way, the Russian security services carried out the replacement of «unreliable» commanders of divisions of fighters personnel of the Russian officers.

Note, the leader of the militants «DNR» Alexander Zakharchenko said that the attack on the «Motorola» Kiev has declared war on the self-proclaimed «DNR». «I understand, Poroshenko broke a truce and declared war on us. Well now wait… that’s Enough. Had suffered, promised says, the negotiations», — said Zakharchenko.

OSCE can’t confirm death of Motorola. His wife runs away from Donetsk, and militants threatened «retribution» 17.10.2016

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