Orthodox and Greek Catholics celebrate presentation of the Lord

Orthodox and Greek Catholics today, February 15th, celebrate one of the greatest Christian holidays — the Day of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible, this holiday is celebrated in the memory of how on the fortieth day from the birth of the Savior, the Holy virgin Mary brought the Infant Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem. According to the Law of God, it was done in memory of the liberation of the Jews from four hundred years of Egyptian captivity. Every firstborn male belonged to God and had to bring to the temple on the 40th day after birth for a meeting with the Supreme.

When the virgin Mary together with Joseph brought Jesus to the temple they met the old priest Simeon, who was waiting for the meeting with the Lord for many years. According to the gospel of Luke, Simeon was blagopoluchno man, but he did not believe in the possibility of the Savior’s birth from the virgin Mary. And then the Holy Spirit had foretold to him that Simeon can die only when you can see the birth of the Lord. So it happened, and Simeon was able to get eternal peace now. Before the death of the elder reported that the Baby, which he was finally destined to see, will serve to rescue people.

In everyday life the presentation has long been seen as the meeting of winter and spring. Said that «on this day winter spring meets, wants to freeze her, the same villain from his will only is melting». The peasants watched on this day will take a lot of farming: clear and quiet weather portends a good harvest and swarming bees; the wind is a bad sign; if the thaw — wait for late spring. Said, as to Meet the rooster get drunk (water from puddles), George (6 may), the ox kapasitesi.

Orthodox and Greek Catholics celebrate presentation of the Lord 15.02.2016

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