Orthodox and Greek-Catholics celebrate Baptism

Christians of the Eastern rite Thursday, January 19. celebrate Epiphany or Theophany. This is the third, largest and final feast of the Christmas-new year cycle. In people, it has several names: the Baptism, Baptism, Baptism, Vadose, Jordan, Ordan.

Epiphany is trehdnevnoe. It, like Christmas, starts lean kutya on Christmas Eve; the day of the Baptism, or Jordan, and the next day — John the Baptist.

On this holiday to remember and celebrate Gospel event of Jesus ‘ baptism in the Jordan river by Saint John the Baptist. The Scripture says that during the baptism of Jesus from heaven in the form of a white dove the Holy Spirit and heard the voice of God, so the feast is called Epiphany.

In all the churches for Baptism served a Festive Liturgy, which culminates in the great blessing of water in the same way as the consecration before, Epiphany Eve. The rite of consecration of the water originated from the first times of Christianity the example of Jesus Christ, who sanctified the waters of the Jordan.

It is considered that the water consecrated on 18 and 19 January, called Epiphany or Jordan and has the same effect and application: sanctify temples and houses, give drink to the sick, keep in the house during the year until the next Epiphany.

One of the traditions of this festival is the procession to the baptismal hole, which is called Jordan, and mass bathing in it.

The people there were many omens associated with Baptism. If the day is clear and cold weather to the dry summer, cloudy and snowy — to a plentiful harvest. During the consecration of the water is snow — well will swarm bees and ear bread. If starry night to harvest nuts and berries. For Baptism for the last time, singing Christmas carols. In the old days, after the feast has started a new wedding season, which lasted until lent.

Earlier, rescuers told the Ukrainians how to swim to be Baptized.

The list of the specially equipped places for bathing, where they will be on duty rescuers of GU gschs of Ukraine in Kiev, the rescuers of the Kyiv city state administration, scientists and representatives of KP «Pleso»:

Holosiivskyi district: restaurant complex «Galera» — Naberezhno-Korchevatskaya, 35; restaurant complex «Dneprovskaya Riviera» — Zhukov island, St February, 58k;

Darnitskiy district: beach «Berkovska» — St. Dnieper embankment, Park of Partisan glory — str Slavgorod, 54; Zaplavnoe lake, Lermontov str.;

Desnyanskiy district: Central beach, river Desenka;

Dniprovskyi district: the Park of culture and rest «water Park» chapel of the Epiphany; the beach «Telbin»;

Obolonskyi district: beach Bay «Obolon» — prirechnaya, 5; lake palm.

Orthodox and Greek-Catholics celebrate Baptism 19.01.2017

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