Orlusha: I — ballet artist, national idol, and in her spare time for money and I cheese e…at the Deputy over poklonsky

The poem «Revelation Matilda» published in Facebook Orlova.

I’m a ballet artist, national idol,
I dance Andrei Bolkonsky,
And in his spare time for money and cheese
I e…at the Deputy over poklonsky.

You would know, friends, how I like it!
My folk from the Crimea elect,
He always says that I am solid as a law
And honey as the carrot.

We sleep with him without love at my home,
Love it – MP,
After all, there are in the blood, in this very Crimea,
Unrestrained southern floss.

Tell us about yourself: I’m Matilda Kshesinskaya,
A weird name, so called,
But I’m friends with Bondarchuk, Peresild
And clothes from Yudashkin Wali.

My father, Miller Kschessinska Ivan,
It is a simple, ballets do not go,
He want to tell you is not the last fool
At the Ural wagon factory.

He is in his sixty – man «hoo!»
Eyes frantic passion plays!
Show that the legacy I have taken from it?
Look like bulging tights!

Well, MP is my life hero
Knows everything in advance, as Cassandra,
The Deputy Nikolay I had a second
And before that – three Alexander.

In each of our love with N. P. rendezvous
Mystery is a secret of ours:
I, Nicholas, not «Nicky» call
I call him gently: «Natasha».

I recently had a mysterious dream
It stood on the railing of the balcony
Deputy Nicholas, just like he is!
But like the icon!

My excitement escaped Lai
And nerves help herpes:
Now it is not a simple Deputy Nikolai,
He now Nicholas the passion-bearer!

There is a dream everyone in Russia is like the old days:
Forgotten midst a Facebook Niki,
The most important in the country, of course, the king.
That is my resolubility Nicky.

Where before Kalashnikov stood proudly, –
The bust of the king, kneel, and who wants to.
Salavat Shcherbakov monument navayal
And a gun in his hands myrrh-streaming.

I people pay is simple:
«Is it true? Do not believe never!»
Answer: «Volodymir, the Holy
Before his death has rukopolagat».

In all the confusion of feelings, I asked about the king:
And see could where am I?
– He leads the prayer on the mountain Poklonskaya,
Curse Matilda, the villain.

I’m in the hearts shouted: «Neither …yn!
What is that wacky tales?
Curse me? After all, Matilda is me!
And for what? For the love and affection?!!»

– No, Matilda is a monster Russian land, –
Answer strictly passers-by.
He all theaters in Russia burned.
Motherfuckers – they are not of God!

I from this news a little sweaty:
Well, for that I am not attracted to?…
I Poklonnomu to the floor to worship wanted
But I didn’t. Because I woke up.

The door bell! MP: «are You ready? All shaved?
Well get to the point quickly!
I was there the Prosecutor spoke,
Will be the role in the production of «Nureyev».

It is happiness! I chose the right fate
No regrets, believe me,
And about how now MPs e…,
Let make movies after his death.

Curtained Windows, we have a quiet hour,
Do not be jealous, just be silent.
And what are we doing here now
God will answer the Teacher!

Orlusha: I — ballet artist, national idol, and in her spare time for money and I cheese e…at the Deputy over poklonsky 24.09.2017

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