OPORA asks Parliament to repeal the controversial law about the «dictatorship of leaders»

Civil network OPORA calls on the Parliament to repeal a law that allows you to eliminate candidates from the list after the elections.

This is stated in the statement of «SUPPORT».

The organization calls on the Ukrainian Parliament to cancel adopted by the deputies of the 3700 project «on the facts of gross violation of the Rules».

«In the event of a failure — urge the President to use the veto», — noted in the organization.

«Bill No. 3700 was adopted with gross violation of the Rules, since the effective voting of people’s deputies was held after the receipt of this project the necessary support of a DePuy corps,» said the organization.

«A failed vote for the bill on 16 February 2015 has lead to the recognition denied him, and his inability to introduce current and extraordinary sessions of the Parliament. This is evidenced by article 107 of the Rules. However, at the request of leaders of the five parliamentary factions, the Supreme Council on the same day voted to return to the consideration of the bill and in violation of the Rules — as a basis and in whole», — was indignant in «SUPPORT».

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada has supported a bill that permitted the parties to exclude candidates for people’s deputies of Ukraine from the electoral list in multi-member constituency after the announcement of election results and before the decision of the Central election Commission declaring them elected.

The bill provides for the authorisation by the decision of the Congress (meeting, conference) of the party after the announcement of the election results to be excluded from the electoral list of the candidate.

According to the document, the candidate can be excluded from the list of the party at any time after the date of the election prior to the adoption of the CEC decision on the recognition of his chosen.

OPORA asks Parliament to repeal the controversial law about the «dictatorship of leaders» 17.02.2016

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