Onishchenko did not pursue, and documents of the company «Ukrgazvydobuvannya» is transferred in court, — Sytnik

The Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Sytnyk said that the defendants of the new released footage of the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko will be summoned for questioning. He said this during a press conference on Friday, 10 February 2017, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«Persons who there are — we’re going to call them, will interrogate these records. I’ve read them, very interesting conversation,» he said.

«Wait, we will not, will cause, will be questioned. But I would like to note — the record was made after we realized our case. I take this opportunity to reiterate to Mr. Onishchenko: if you have any records about which you constantly speak, which were made prior to the opening of our production and attract members of this group to justice, then tell us and we will do it,» — said Sytnik.

According to Sytnik, the main purpose of Onishchenko to avoid responsibility for Commission of corruption acts.

«By diverting attention from the main case that this alleged political persecution. Even in yesterday’s record, I don’t see political persecution. On the contrary, it is proof that there is a person who committed a corruption crime and wants to escape punishment,» — said Sytnik.

However, he confirmed that the NABU will check the records published on 9 February.

«How can I add as proof of entry just posted on the Internet? It is not proof. The carrier itself, we need entry — phonoscope research, etc. But this, in principle, it is already possible to interrogate those people who appear there,» said Sitnik.

In addition, at a press conference Sitnic said that the investigation in the first part of the case about the abuse Onishchenko with the company «Ukrgazvydobuvannya» and preparation of appropriate materials for transfer to court. «On Monday the first part of this case, which applies to those defendants that are installed are in the custody or under the other measures, the planned announcement of the end… or the beginning of the acquaintance of the defendants for further transmission to the court,» — said, in particular, Sytnyk.

Also Sytnik reported that 14 months of activity of NABU in the framework of criminal investigations seized 601 million and $ 80 million and 7 million euros, and for a large number of properties.

Now, according to Sytnik, anti-corruption Bureau is investigating 264 criminal proceedings.

The full report of the National anti-corruption Bureau can be found at this link.

We will remind, on Thursday the Deputy Onishchenko through the media published the second part of their records.

He claims that on them — Mykola Martynenko. According to Onishchenko, Martynenko made another intermediary in negotiations between him and President Petro Poroshenko.

With regard to the readiness of the NAB to court over Onishchenko, according to Sytnik, trial in absentia over one of the largest Ukrainian gas producers can begin as early as February.

Onishchenko did not pursue, and documents of the company «Ukrgazvydobuvannya» is transferred in court, — Sytnik 10.02.2017

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