One of the largest torrent trackers Torrents.Net.UA stopped working

One of the most popular torrent trackers in Ukraine Torrents.Net.UA stopped working.

It is stated in the official address of the tracker.

The appeal notes that the service stops Torrents.Net.UA there are prerequisites.

«Unfortunately, the site is not working and some time it will. A very unpleasant situation for all of us, but we hope for the best and there are prerequisites for this», — stated in the official appeal.

We will remind, this week the cyber-police seized the servers of one of the largest online cinema The police say that during the operation of the resource holders was damage to several million.

«The audience of the websites reached one million users. Initiated criminal proceedings on the fact of violation of copyright and related rights», — stated in the message.

Law enforcement authorities have seized equipment that was used for the organization of the activities of their technical infrastructure. The carried-out authorized searches in office buildings, data centers, apartments, defendants in criminal proceedings and collected additional evidence of illegal activities web resources. Later it became known that a resource EX.UA decided to stop working.

«Over the past year EX.UA had to feel the direct threats, blackmail (including at the international level), DDOS attack. These actions endanger personal information and personal files that are stored on the resource. EX.UA worked in the legal field. Not everyone liked such interpretation of the legislation, but the resource has always respected the laws of Ukraine. EX.UA adhere to copyright, which is constantly confirmed by the rapid response to any violations at the site. In this case, the resource does not approve of the system of distribution and management of copyright, which exists today», — said in a statement.

One of the largest torrent trackers Torrents.Net.UA stopped working 18.11.2016

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