One of the hungry against the blocking of re-election in Kryvyi Rih had a hypertensive crisis

MP from the faction «Samopomich» Irina Sysoenko said that one of the hungry who are protesting outside the Verkhovna Rada against the blocking of the election law in Krivoy Rog, had a hypertensive crisis. She said this in comments to journalists after inspecting the doctor 8 the hungry, UNIAN reports.

«We have conducted a medical examination of all people who are for several days in a state of hunger. Unfortunately, the situation is not very good now… had a hypertensive crisis from one of starving,» he said and added that they’ll call an ambulance, and the starving will offer hospitalization.

Sysoenko also said that he appealed to the chief of staff of the Parliament, so that starving people have given their personal belongings, including hygiene products. «I was also very surprised that the people to go to the toilet during the day in the cold needs to go in another room. And only night they are allowed to climb to the third floor to just to get to the toilet,» — said the Deputy.

She also noted that the hunger strikers have communicated with the first Deputy speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiyand what we are talking about so they left the room.

On the question of how you know the protesters that on Tuesday the Parliament will consider the draft resolution, which blocks the signing of the law on elections in Kryvyi Rih, one of the participants of the protest said that Parubiy told them about the decision of Parliament. At the same time, the woman noted, «there is still a lot of nuances that need to worry».

Starving also assured that they were ready to continue their action at least until Tuesday.

In turn, the doctor who examined them, indicated that the General condition of the protesters is satisfactory, and the «risk» only that man, who now need medical assistance.

After some time the ambulance arrives the man agreed to the hospital, and the doctors left the Parliament building.

It became known that now the starving plan to conduct inspection daily.

As reported, on December 23 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on the 27 March 2016 early elections of the mayor of Krivoy Rog (No. 3613).

According to the law, the early elections of the mayor of Krivoy Rog, on 27 March needs to be conducted in the manner prescribed by the law of Ukraine «On local elections».

Kryvyi Rih municipal electoral Committee according to the results on 15 November, the second round of the election the mayor declared the winner of the representative of «Opposition block», the longstanding mayor Yury Vilkul. According to information posted on the CEC website, he received 89 209 thousand votes (49,25%) and his opponent, the representative of the «Samopomochi» Yuri Milobog — 88,457 thousand votes (48,83%).

Milobog said about fraud and challenged the election results in the courts. However, the courts dismissed his claims.

December 29, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that «unable to sign» the law on elections of the mayor in Krivoy Rog, because he has not yet received from the relevant Committee. In addition, Groisman said that the representatives of «Opposition bloc» received a complaint on violation of procedures for the adoption of this law, which shall be considered by the relevant Committee.

On 20 January, a number of activists from Krivoy Rog announced an indefinite hunger strike, demanding from the President and Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada to sign the bill on elections of the mayor of Krivoy Rog.

One of the hungry against the blocking of re-election in Kryvyi Rih had a hypertensive crisis 22.01.2016

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