On Valentine’s day, lovers go to Sambir temple, where the relics of St.

In the city of Sambir, Lviv region, today, February 14, on a pilgrimage couples from all over Ukraine and foreign tourists.

The local Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary in the sarcophagus of the relics of Saint Valentine, UNIAN reports.

Yesterday, 13 February, in the temple held a festive prayer service. And on 14 February from 06.00 sarcophagus with the relics of St. Valentine were transferred from the side altar of the Church on the tetrapod Central to the worship, where everyone can have a drink, to touch the relics, to ask for help or patronage.

According to the management of the temple, on Valentine’s Day in the temple every year attracts a large number of tourists from all over Ukraine and foreigners, mostly neighbors-the poles, who on this day cruise and tour buses make a pilgrimage to Sambir.

Help. The relics of the patron Saint of lovers Saint Valentine are in the Church of the Nativity of the mother of God (UGCC) in Sambor from 13 may 1779. The authenticity of the remains confirms the document of the Pope from 1759.

Archival materials indicate that St. Valentine was the patron Saint of the former Perm-Sambir eparchy of the UGCC. Therefore, the local congregation was transferred from Italy small glass coffin, in which is encased a fragment of the skull and a few bones and stone, which is believed to be derived from the tomb of the Saint and the capsule with the world.

The rest of the bones of St. Valentine, describing how Church sources are located in the capital of Italy, in Bologna, several cities in France, Glasgow and in Poznan, Poland.

Numerous facts testify that the one who touches the glass coffin with the relics of St. Valentine, will experience greater love, will have a happy family.

On 11 February, in rolling out a collection of the best Ukrainian short films of recent years, stories which one way or another on the theme of love.

On Valentine’s day, lovers go to Sambir temple, where the relics of St. 14.02.2016

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