On trump sued for blocking users on Twitter

Representatives of the organization Knight First Amendment Institute, affiliated with Columbia University, filed a lawsuit against the President of the United States Donald trump, accusing him of violating the First amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech. A statement published on the website of the Institute.

The cause of action was an appeal of seven users that were blocked from the Twitter account of Donald trump for criticizing the President.

As stated in the statement, trump’s Twitter is an important source of information on government activities, as well as a platform for communication and criticism of the President of the United States. The first amendment extends to the Internet, believe in the Knight First Amendment Institute, therefore, the actions of the team of Donald trump infringe the rights of citizens to freedom of expression.

Last month the organization appealed to the administration of the President of the United States with a request to unblock users, but the appeal was ignored.

U.S. President Donald trump has repeatedly criticized the harsh statements on Twitter. In particular, the media called on the President to cease the activity in social networks, but he said he will continue to post as you on Twitter.

On trump sued for blocking users on Twitter 12.07.2017

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