On the screens of Ukrainian cinema came the historical drama «Alive»

In the domestic rent out the Ukrainian film «Alive» Lviv Director Taras Khimich. This adventure historical drama have already seen in Cannes in may this year, and will soon show in the UK and the USA.

«It has begun! Kiev 24 Nov 2016», — stated on a special page of the film on the social network Facebook. The organizers also posted a list of movie theaters in Ukraine, which will be showing the movie.

This tape filmed at the actual events, she reveals the unknown pages from the life of the messenger of the Ukrainian UPA , Anna Popovich. In shooting took part the actors Olga Komarowska, Rostislav Derzhypilskyy, Yuriy Khvostenko, Albina Sotnikova, Jaroslav Korgac, Alexander the Fierce. In addition, as noted Gazeta.ua to the creation of the film were joined by the participants of ATO and settlers from Donetsk.

By the way, for Olga Komanovsky, the female lead role, this film was the film debut.

Work on the film lasted for 3 years. Shot it in the Carpathians and the Lviv national Museum-memorial of victims of occupation regimes «Prison on lontskoho», adds the «media Detector».

The film received financial support from the Lviv regional budget in the framework of Regional programs to promote information space and civil society, said in Zaxid.net.

«I worked in documentary film. We collected evidence, and here I came across one of the witnesses whose oral history we recorded, it was Anna Popovich. She told her story and said he could tell more if we get there, and that it would be a different story. We arrived and from that moment began our feature film. Its history we are very interested in terms of what the story was unusual, eventful. The lives of Anna Popovich by itself as a script. The fate of this woman has developed in the perfect mixture of good and bad characters. Everything that she told us is true, which is supported by documents», — told the Director Taras Khimich in an interview with journalists of the newspaper «Gal-info».

«I realized that this is the Golden a story about which I dreamed and you were waiting for», he added.
Behind Taras Khimich, except the clips for Ukrainian artists, movies «In the framework of fate – the Story of the 1st Ukrainian division UNA 1943-1945» (2005), «Golden September. A Chronicle Of Galicia 1939-1941» (2010), «Silver Ground. Chronicle Of Carpatho-Ukraine 1919-1939 «(2012), «Chronicle Of The Ukrainian Insurgent Army 1942-1954» (2014), «Legion. Chronicle Of The Ukrainian Galician Army, 1918-1919» (2015).

«The state took the tape («Live» — Ed.) at the Cannes film festival in an independent Ukrainian project. There were a lot of interested, wrote to me via e-mail. In particular, the film drew the attention of one company from London, they are waiting for the English translation. Their representatives told me that the film is suitable for them, because it is about Ukraine, it’s historical, and it is the drama. As it turned out, they know absolutely nothing about Ukraine, but they are interested in. They wrote, that’s what they were waiting for more than one year from the Ukraine. The film is dynamic, without much of the author’s vision that no one understands,» — says the chemical.

«1949. In remote areas of the Carpathians, detachment of the MGB leading the hunt for the last surviving rebels. A young girl, Anna, fleeing from persecution, falls into the camp of the rebels. There she meets a childhood friend Nico. Unexpected RAID forces the rebels to split into groups and run. Niko takes Anna to the detachment commander Dovbush. A group of soldiers of the MGB led by major X and the Lieutenant Alifanova pursues the rebels. Alifanov realize that among the persecuted is the same Anna that he some years ago was questioned. The thought of her gives him no peace. Suddenly the fugitives, Anna becomes useful to them. During the holidays she has a dream-a warning that saves the rebels from destruction. Anna sees prophetic dreams and visions since childhood. Little she fell into a well and survived. Even then people said it was a sign from above. Winter begins and the rebels together with Anna build a shelter and hide there until spring. Spring between Anne and commander Dovbush breaks love. Nico is jealous and begins to hate the commander. At this time, someone gives the location of the rebels. The bunker is surrounded. Anna covers Dovbush from a bullet and loses the hand. Dovbush, saving files, is forced to flee. Anna, not to fall into the hands of the enemy, trying to get shot and blown up by a grenade, but in a strange way remains intact. Mgbest capture Anna alive, and was put in the hospital, where she was to save lives, to question. There she meets her old enemy Lieutenant Alifanova. From this moment, Anna thinks only of death. However, she is kidnapped by rebels. Under the influence of some higher power she was destined to survive and pass another test of fate», — it is noted in the description of the tape.

On the eve of release, in the program «Breakfast with 1+1» was removed from the plot of the film.

On the screens of Ukrainian cinema came the historical drama «Alive» 25.11.2016

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