On the «Oscar» of Ukraine claimed three of the film

The Ukrainian Oscar Committee has finished accepting applications for nomination for the award «Oscar» in the category «Best foreign language film».

On Wednesday 31 August reported on the website of the state of Ukraine.

This year the Committee was presented three films: drama about working in Italy Ukrainka «the nest of the turtledove» directed by Taras Tkachenko, the historical drama based on the work of Sholom Aleichem «song of songs», Director Eva Neyman and documentary about the lives of rural guards «Ukrainian sheriffs» Roman Bondarchuk.

The announcement of the film-nominee from Ukraine will be held on September 9.

Recall that in 2015 Ukraine failed to submit a contender for the award because it was not approved by the Oscar Committee. However, indirectly our country at the presentation of awards was submitted in the shortlist for the category «Best documentary film» includes the film «Winter lights» about the events on the Maidan of 2013-2014.

On the «Oscar» of Ukraine claimed three of the film 01.09.2016

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