On the Maidan to the cries of the participants of the Veche «Provocateurs» and after clashes with police activists lit tires

In Kiev on independence square started the chamber, dedicated to the 3rd anniversary of the Euromaidan.

In the square on Monday 21 February gathered about 2 thousand people, reports «Island». The organizers of the Assembly are the «Right sector» and «OUN». After the chamber should be held «March revolution.»

Protesters broke Windows in the building of the Russian «Sberbank» and visited «the office of Medvedchuk»
Dobrobat the commander of the «OUN» Kohanivsky put Bankova «ultimatum»

As stated in the chamber the head of the «OUN» Nikolay Kohanivsky, «We decided at least one villain to punish, and we will do it». He also complained that the chamber did not come 100 thousand people, «to knock down power».

Kohanivsky also urged the participants of the Veche symbolic light bus on independence, writes UNIAN. After this part of the protesters went to the European square, where a small necklace was hidden tires from cars. Between protesters and police on independence square was the scene of altercation.

The protesters managed to smuggle some tires on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Be lit under the stele of Independence, where it continues to rally.

When young people return, they had conflicts with police officers who would not let them in with the tires on the Maidan. Started bustle, several activists with the tires was detained. A scuffle ensued, during which the participants of the Veche still managed to break through to the Maidan with tires.

After that militiamen have strengthened the cordon of Maidan.

The scene under the stele, it was announced that militiamen hinder the holding of a peaceful rally, called «stand up for democratic values», informs «Interfax-Ukraine». After that from the European square to Independence square headed a group of young men in masks, who then cries rushed to the stele. Other members of the chamber did not approve of this behavior, and shouted «Shame!» «Provocateurs».

Protesters broke Windows in the building of the Russian «Sberbank» and visited «the office of Medvedchuk»

Protesters also tried to break into the building, where voiced among them is the office of the leader of the public organization «the Ukrainian choice – the right of the people», the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin Viktor Medvedchuk (Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 23-b), near the metro station «Lev Tolstoy Square». A column of several hundred protesters approached the building, the activists lit flares and tried to knock the door. After some time among the protesters had called for the orderly return to the square. Soon the bulk was gone from the office.

At the same time, there are a small group of people. They smashed Windows on the first floor, threw smoke bombs, there was a fire inside the building. It was extinguished by the protesters themselves. After some time a fire truck arrived to the place of fire pulled the hose.

While activists «missed». According to an UNIAN correspondent, they smashed Windows and threw flares not office Medvedchuk, and the room of a beauty salon Sun Light, while Medvedchuk’s office is located on the street Franco.

Then, protesters broke Windows in the building «Sberbank» (former «Sberbank of Russia»), on Lev Tolstoy square. After that, in the event of law enforcement officers intervened, which was fenced off from protesters from the entrance to the Bank building. The protest is missing any symbols and insignia on clothing, bring any posters and flags.

Around 20:30 ended Veche on Independence square. The organizers dismantled the installed equipment. Chamber members also dispersed.

While on the street near the square there are people in camouflage uniforms in an amount up to 100 people. They stand in small groups on both sides of the square towards Bessarabia, and the European square. In the beginning of Khreschatyk street near the European square is still a cordon in a row law enforcement officers.

During the rallies in Central Kyiv as of 20.00 for Medicaid asked the 10 participants of the rally. As told by the on duty paramedics: «Five cases were minor injuries: injuries of the hands».

Dobrobat the commander of the «OUN» Kohanivsky put Bankova «ultimatum»

Recall that on 20 February a day in the center of Kiev unknown persons with stones smashed glass in the Windows of «Alfa-Bank», «Sberbank of Russia» and in the office of Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

Soon, the police found the most active participants of pogroms offices of the Russian banks. Kohanivsky investigators were notified about suspicion in Commission of a crime under part 2 of article 296 (hooliganism) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

February 26 Kohanivsky court chose a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest from 20:00 to 6:00 for 2 months.

On March 24, the Kyiv court of Appeals changed the measure of restraint for the commander of the battalion OUN Kohanivsky, a suspect in the pogroms of offices of Russian banks in Kiev, from house arrest to the personal obligation.

On the Maidan to the cries of the participants of the Veche «Provocateurs» and after clashes with police activists lit tires 22.11.2016

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